Police In Scunthorpe Wetherspoons Arrest Man With Tazer

Four police officers and the member of staff were assaulted by a group of men on Friday evening (May 28), with the violent brawl captured on video

The fight began when staff at the Blue Bell in Scunthorpe refused to serve a group of men who weren’t following the pubs rules and the manager was then assaulted.

Police were called to the pub to try and restore order, but four officers were attacked in a moment that was captured on a shocking video.

Several people have been questioned and released as police continue the investigation.

At the start of the video, a Humberside Police officer is seen approaching a man sat at a table while reaching for a set of handcuffs, Chidlren can be heard screaming in the background as others stand up to either watch or join the struggle.

A second officer comes into shot but ends up being pushed back by another pub-goer.

The first officer, still on the floor, appears to restrain the man by resting his back up against him.


It is at this point when the second officer appears to deliver three punches to the man’s stomach area.

Others – including at least one more officer – joins the struggle which has now moved even closer to a table with children sitting at it.

A woman at the table shouts: “I have got kids here for f*** sake. How can I get her out?” while a child is heard crying: “Please help me”.

The video cuts out and restarts with at least two officers pointing yellow Tasers at the man as they shout: “Get on the floor now”.

Then, nearly a dozen police appear to be restraining several people on the floor as customers look on in shock.

Wetherspoons has hit out at the violence against staff and police officers. A spokesman said: “We completely condemn the actions of a group of customers at The Blue Bell, Scunthorpe.

“The pub’s manager rightly told them they would not be served because they were not following social distancing.


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