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Brixton Shooting : Police Storm Block In Riot Gear After Man Shot & Stabbed

Byscarcity news

Jun 3, 2021

Over 40 officers and 30+ vehicles from the Met Police attended the scene of the shooting and dozens of officers were filmed running into a block of flats after it was reported at least one person was shot in Brixton, South London, this evening.

Further footage obtained by Scarcity shows dozens of riot police forming lines and wearing protective clothing, Witnesses heard saying “is this Game of Thrones” Officers were called to the scene at 9:37pm by the London Ambulance Service who had treated a man for gunshot wounds and stabbing injuries on Moorland Road.

Several people is was claimed by My London threw objects at police called to the scene, a statement said.

A man, aged in his mid-20s, was found suffering what are believed to be gunshot injuries and stab wounds. He was taken by Ambulance to a south London hospital; we await an update on his condition.

“Whilst at the scene, officers were approached by a large group of people and objects were thrown towards them.

Footage taken from an elevated window showed riot police running down the road with the scene being described by the recorder as something out of Game of Thrones.

A police Helicopter and up to 30 emergency service vehicles were present as large crowds had gathered at the block in South London following the incident .


The Pictures featured depicts evidence of clashes in the street in Brixton Following the Moorlands Road Shooting in a block of flats.

Police are equipped with riot shields and cordons on several roads and cars blocking the street, one police van window has been damaged during altercations.

Territorial Support police have also been present alongside locals who have came to see all the commotion late at night in the South London street where injuries have not officially been confirmed and statements are expected from the Police shortly.


Police are seen surrounded by Large Crowds in Brixton following the shooting of at least one person last night on Moorlands Road.


People could be heard shouting at the police and a car was positioned in the middle of the road seemingly protected by officers as the incident unfolded late last night.

Still awaiting official statements on victims and injuries sustained by civilians and officers present.