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Exclusive: Billy Billions ’98s” Charged With Glock Gun Possession By Armed Police in Hackney

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Jun 4, 2021
Billy Billions


Billy was remanded in custody after a court Appearance.

The East London artist was in the second car in what police called a ‘convoy’ that the Specialist Crime Command stopped in East London

The two cars were searched and police recovered a loaded Glock handgun on the driver of the first car.

it happened On Tuesday, 25 May when the two vehicles travelling along Victoria Park Road, E9.

The occupants, 3 men and one woman, were detained

Armed Police Traffic Stop

Officers searching the cars quickly seized a loaded Glock handgun from the first vehicle.

The driver of the first vehicle was arrested for possession of a firearm.

The two men and the woman in the second vehicle were also arrested for possession of a firearm.

All four suspects were taken to an east London custody suite where they remain, awaiting interview.

The firearm is now in the possession of specialist officers for examination.

Detective Inspector Glenn Butler from the Specialist Crime North Command said:

“I’d like to reassure the local residents and everyone in London

Glock handguns like the one we have recovered are extremely rare in London”

He went on to say that specialist Met officers obstinately work to locate and seize weapons such as this.

The Met’s Specialist Crime Command said they remain on standby to recover illegally held firearms to protect London’s community.

Their goal is to prevent the use of firearms in the capital the police said in a statement.

In a exclusive chat with Billy’s management we are able to confirm that Billy was not caught with the firearm directly l.

He was in the 2nd car in the convoy.

His charges are conspiracy to possess firearm and ammunition.

He assures fans he will be home soon and more updates soon.

Who is Billy?

Billy has been on the come up musically and had a lot of success solo wise and with 98s his Hackney based music collective .

Billy Billions just dropped visuals for his latest release ‘Tizzy’, with bars and melody.

latest release from Billy

This has just hit 1 million views on GRM Daily media channel.

As Part of the 98s collective, Billions has gained a reputation for projecting some of the scene’s coldest drill rap, alongside an innate appreciation for melody. The last year has been productive for Billions.

Billy’s Solo Music

He released trap-soul bangers like ‘Make Money’, ‘Wait A Minute’ and a appearance on ‘Plugged In’ with Fumez The Engineer.

All of these tracks showcasing the unique lane he’s carving for himself.

This track features a disturbing choir and some intense drum loops.

The music video does well to reflect the dark lyrical content of the track.

‘Tizzy’ perfectly demonstrates Billy Billions intangible position in the scene between a wavy R&B vocalist and a cut-throat drill rapper.

He has demonstrated he can captivate audience and give them fully immersed journey into his life and the lifestyle he has lived.

98s Album

Their album ‘Class of 98s‘ is an introduction to the finest young talents currently putting in work in east London. It’s a tape that goes from “Homerton2Holly” – referencing the two areas where the 98s live.

As well as delivering a sound that UK drill fans know and love, the tape also experiments with new styles. For a start, you’re gonna hear lots of melodies.

Billy’s hooks and choruses set the group’s sound apart from other UK drill collectives,

He adds a smoother glide. The best example of this might be “Wait A Minute” (which features a cameo from Digga D in the music video).

His Friend Rashan Charles Was Killed By Police

Most recently Billy did a interview with @membersonlynetwork on YouTube and spoke openly about his friend Rashan Charles who was his childhood friend and was killed by a police officer

Billy & Rashan as kids


Rashan Charles was a healthy young man out with friends in East London

It was when he was alone that a uniformed police officer from the elite Territorial Support Group chased him into a convenience store. Without any verbal warning.

The officer is said to have grabbed Rashan from behind, threw him to the floor and heavily restrained him. A second man assisted the officer.

Rashan, who was unarmed and presented no threat, died on the floor of the Yours Locally shop on Hackney’s Kingsland Road in the early hours of 22 July 2017.


He was 20 years old, the eldest of seven children and a father himself, his daughter coming up to her second birthday at the time.

The Metropolitan Police Service claimed that the man who helped the officer restrain and handcuff Rashan was a “member of the public”, a helpful bystander who had no connection to the police or security services.

The inquest

At the inquest into Rashan’s death, in June 2018, both men, giving evidence while screened from public view, claimed under oath that they had not met one another until the fatal incident.


The Death Of Rashan Charles in East London

In the early hours of Saturday 22 July 2017 (soon after 01:40, by the CCTV clock) a uniformed officer from the Metropolitan Police Territorial Support Group pursues Rashan into the Yours Locally convenience store.

The officer grabs him from behind.

According to evidence heard at the inquest, the officer gave no verbal warning.

Seconds later the uniformed officer, whom we must call BX47, throws Rashan to the floor, landing heavily on top of him.

‘The Witness Put His Hand In Rashan’s Throat’

A second man, whom the police describe as a “member of the public”, walks into the store. We are not allowed to identify him.

We must call him Witness 1. Without hesitation, Witness 1 climbs on top of Rashan and pins him to the floor.

Rashan is limp and unresponsive, face down on the floor, when the two men, working together, handcuff him.

Moving into the store it is seen that Rashan’s right hand is limp as Witness 1 passes it to BX47 at 01:41 and 44 seconds.

It’s barely a minute and a half since BX47 chased Rashan into the store.

Rashan Charles 20

Rashan is subjected to further prolonged and heavy restraint, ceasing only after a police medic, whom we must call BX48, arrives on the scene.

It is ascertained She assesses Rashan and orders the handcuffs taken off.

The police officers allowed Witness 1 to spend the best part of a minute palpating Rashan’s chest and tummy. They permit him to attempt mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Rashan

Rashan Charles death was ruled a accident.