4 Jailed For Machete Murder Of Shane Meyer In Wolverhampton

Caught on Camera

As the pubs reopen in England after lockdown and the courts also, this means more cases from the backlog are being heard.

This story from 2019 is reminder of the risks of ego and pride combined with alchohol.

Shane Mayer was out with friends when he bumped into a man at the bar.

This normal occurrence turned into a verbal altercation.

That then escalated to a violent confrontation outside the bar involving a machete.


The story is very similar to the one of Reece Cox, which I covered recently on our YouTube channel.

Reece was a good Samaritan trying to protect a innocent man.



The reason was because the man he was defending had ‘stared at someone’

This then sadly resulted in an altercation that Reece intervened in and then he became the target of the gang of five.

They set about him outside the Clifton Pub (also caught on camera and also in 2019)

The common factor in the stories is being in confrontations and them not being handled in a immature way and ultimately leading to the death of the victims.



In relation to the murder of Shane Mayers, Four men have been convicted over a fight outside a bar in which a young man was stabbed to death.

The knifeman faces life in jail for murder.

Ramani Sanderson attacked Shane Mayer with a machete after an ‘exchange of words’ and ‘glances’ rapidly escalated into a fatal confrontation.

Today (June 9) 20-year-old Sanderson was convicted of murder.

His so called friends Kamron Reid (20) and Joseph Till (21) – who both joined in the attack  were found guilty of manslaughter.


Sanderson Reid TillSanderson (left) convicted of murder and pals Reid (centre) and Till convicted of manslaughter


A 4th man, 21-year-old Lewis Green, was cleared of murder but had already admitted possessing a hammer in the build-up to the disorder.

.Shane was with friends at Gabbas Bar in Darlaston on a July night in 2019 when glances and words were exchanged with a passer-by.


Shane MeyerShane Meyer died three days after being stabbed in the groin

The Phone Calls

It sparked a chain of events that, just 15 minutes later, saw Shane suffer a fatal stab wound which would tragically cut short his life.

Eight minutes after the 24 July altercation Lewis Green arrived at the Forge Road pub armed with a hammer.

Green’s brother was the person who’d earlier walked past the bar and instigated trouble when he returned home to report the encounter.

Lewis Green confronted the group but left to make a call to Reid who was with Sanderson and Till.

A 34-second phone call was all it took to prompt Sanderson to arm himself with a machete and make his way with Reid and Till, who were also believed to be carrying weapons, towards Gabbas Bar.


CCTV showed Sanderson at 11.13pm approach Mr Mayer’s group with a machete concealed behind his back.

He lunged at Shane and during a fight stabbed him in the groin. The wound severed an artery which would prove fatal.

Despite the injury he managed to run off – pursued by Sanderson and Reid – but was later found collapsed in Wolverhampton Street.

Shane was taken to hospital but died three days later. He was just 21 years old.

Police traced their steps back through CCTV and saw the offenders running away from the scene and splitting up to head to their home addresses.

Sanderson arrived home in Burns Place at 11.24pm.

Twenty minutes later a woman is seen leaving the address with a bag.


The suspect returned later without it  while Sanderson emerges having changed his top.

Green handed himself in to us on 26 July and admitted brandishing a hammer in the street. But he denied involvement in the murder.

Sanderson was arrested the following day, Reid the day after, and Till.

It emerged Til had phoned his mum for a lift home from the murder scene, he was detained at his home on 31 July.

They were bailed while we examined CCTV and their phones.

We found message exchanges in the days after the murder in which they plotted to provide us with consistent accounts of what happened.

Sanderson’s phone included videos of him posing with knives and talking about committing robberies.

While Reid had similar ominous images of him with knives plus evidence of Google searches for knives, crossbows and guns.

Ringleader Sanderson was re-arrested from an address in London last June.

He was charged alongside his three co-defendants with murder.


They claimed they acted in self-defence at Wolverhampton Crown Court

Following the trial the Jury didn’t believe their version of events and found them guilty.

Sanderson, who was arrested in Walsham Road, New Cross, in London

At the time though he was hundreds of miles from home living in Burns Place, Duddeston.

This would be symbolic of a county lines gang member.

It is often smaller cities like Wolverhampton that are frequented by bigger city gang members.

Two others present Reid who was  from Herberts Park Road, Darlaston, and Till from Ladymoor Road in Bradley were both cleared of murder, but convicted of manslaughter.


All three will all be sentenced at a later date.

Green was cleared of the killing but had already admitted possessing an offensive weapon in the build-up to the fatal fight.

Detective Sergeant Andy McDonald from our Homicide Unit led the investigation and welcomed the guilty verdicts.

He said:

“This is yet another example of the devastation caused by knife crime.

“A stray glance and words exchanged between strangers has escalated to murder in the space of just 15 minutes”.

“A young man’s life has been ended in tragic circumstances and the lives of those responsible for his death are now ruined”.

“Sanderson stabbed Shane but we firmly believe the others were armed.

“I know this awful crime has had a devastating impact on the Shane’s family and that they are still struggling to come to terms with his death.

I hope the fact his killers will now face many years behind bars offers some comfort.”



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