3 Protestors Arrested After 36 hr Arconic Factory Shut Down

Breaking News update:

The protests that shut down the Arconic factory in Birmingham.

West Midlands Police released this statement about the first person charged.

“A woman has been charged with aggravated trespass after being arrested while chained to a gate during a protest at an industrial premises in Kitts Green Road, Birmingham.

“Miriam-Ruth Instone, aged 22 from Greenhill Road, Bury, Manchester, will appear before Birmingham Magistrates Court today (15 June).

Rooftop Protest

“Meanwhile two protesters remain on the roof of the premises as negotiations continue to bring them down safely.”

And the latest developments are,

Birmingham police have arrested a man and woman who scaled the roof of a business.


The protest against the business Arconic lasted for 34-hour.

This was on the 4th Grenfell anniversary and the company wad responsible for the flammable cladding.

This was what turned out to be a fatal contributing factor to the 72+ deaths that night.

All that information was revealed in the inquiry that I covered in the previous article on the story.

The protest @arconic Birmingham

What are the reasons?

The Police statements allege the group caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to the business that manufactures equipment used on Israeli planes to bomb Gaza.

This was the main reason given by the activist group who had shut down the factory.

In the latest updates police say 2 people gained access to the building in Kitts Green Road at 5am yesterday (14 June) and made their way onto the roof.


Pal Action

It’s understood a sledgehammer and golf clubs were used to smash windows and skylights, while paint was thrown across the walls and in offices.

Protests also took place in the street that were ignored by the msm

Dozens of people participated in a sit down protest in support of the rooftop protest.

[videopress jvnakIj0]


Police cordoned off the area to ensure passers-by and vehicles were not in danger and called in a police negotiator in a bid to bring the incident to a safe conclusion.

However, the pair refused to co-operate and at 3.30pm a specialist police protest removal team which is specially trained to work at heights moved in to make arrests.

Palestine Protestors Arrested

A woman aged 26 from Burton-on-Trent and man who has so far refused to provide details have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

They have been arrested for aggravated trespass and a public order offence.

Superintendent Jack Hadley managed our response to the protest. He said:

“We will always try to accommodate people’s right to peaceful protest but what happened here was not peaceful.

Criminal Damage

Police said it was illegal and has caused considerable damage and inconvenience.

“This was a very complex operation with lots of police resources dedicated to bringing it to a safe conclusion” He went on to say.

“Everyone involved can be rightly proud of the professional way the situation was managed.”

“Other people gathered in the street in support of the protestors and at one point forced their way through a cordon;

They also called in police dog handlers were on scene for a visible deterrence and to control the crowd.”

The two arrested remain in police custody.

Scarcity Live at the Scene

Of course I went to the scene and interviewed protestors and documented events.

This is blogged in yesterdays article with some clips below.

[videopress Frpvu2MX]

[videopress A2NZBxLr]

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