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Birmingham Locals Beat Up Man Accused of Abducting Child in Winson Green

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Jun 15, 2021

Suspected Abduction,

Several locals were filmed beating up a man in the street.

The video shows a man being accused of trying to abduct a child in Winson Green before armed police arrived.

Officers attended the scene in Birmingham, West Mids, after reports of a child being grabbed and put in a car on Monday.

[videopress pvvBwh4a]

The Beating

Our friend @snappersk caught the moment the mother asked for help.

” his trying to steal my son “

The footage shows the moment the furious gang attacked the man, with one woman screaming hysterically.

Known To Mother

Police say the man is known to the woman but the Sun didn’t include that in the headline. A large group of people can be seen trying to lash out at the driver of a red car, before armed police arrive at the scene.

Onlookers can also be heard shouting “let the police deal with him” as the scuffle takes place in broad daylight.

Locals watched the incident unfold as armed officer led the shirtless man, who was wearing only tracksuit bottoms away.

I’m Not a Paedophile”

The suspect is heard defending him led in this video and saying

“I’m not a paedophile.”

During the video it’s visible he is covered in bruises and blood.

The video also shows he did have a t shirt on but took it off for some reason .

Police Statement

Detectives have arrested at 37-year-old man on suspicion of kidnap, who remains in police custody for questioning.

He was initially taken to hospital for treatment, but has since been taken to a police station to be quizzed.

Tensions High

There have been several attempt abductions recently in the West Midlands and locals are definately on edge.

The most recent incident happened in Bartley Green area of the city

In relation to that case the police said,

“a man has been arrested on suspicion of child abduction after a boy aged eight was allegedly taken into a property in Bartley Green at around 5pm yesterday (25 May).”

We understand the boy was outside his home address nearby, when he was approached by a man and taken to a property on Nailers Close.

The youngster was in the house for a short period of time before he managed to escape. He is understandably shaken and upset and is being supported by our specialist officers.

A 54-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of child abduction and remains in custody for questioning.

Isolated Incident

Inspector Lee Trinder, from Birmingham West neighbourhood, said:

“Although this was a terrifying incident for this young boy, our investigations are progressing and we have a man in custody.

“We want to reassure our community, that this is an isolated and rare incident, and we are not currently looking for anyone else in connection with this investigation.

So you can understand the reaction when the woman said her child is being abducted in broad daylight, and locals stepped in to help.

London Abductions

Following the horrible story from Mitcham where a schoolgirl was assaulted sexually by Kadian Nelson last year and it sent shockwaves nationwide.

The incident happened in the North Place area of Merton at around 7am on 3rd November last year.

Kadian Nelson Caught on camera

Pictures and videos shared on social media claimed a witness followed an assailant attempting to kidnap a teenager.

A woman can be heard asking the man whether he knows the girl before he walks away.

The child is heard crying ‘thank you, thank you’.

The story is similar in the Capital with multiple reports of attempt abductions.

BBC News reported in May,

A police investigation has been launched after four reported incidents of attempted child abduction in south east London.

On 30 April, between 16:00 and 16:30 BST,

A man approached an 11-year-old schoolboy in a black van in Whitmore Road, Beckenham, police said.

Within the same timeframe, an eight-year-old boy was reportedly approached in the wooded area of Kelsey Park.

A third boy told school staff he had been followed by a man on Wednesday.

The Met received a fourth report of a perceived attempted abduction of a young girl in The Glades shopping centre, in Bromley on Friday.

Two males were said to have been walking behind the child when one seemingly went to grab the girl’s hand – which was raised in the air – before walking off, the force said.

Police do not believe the incidents are linked.

No children were abducted or harmed in any of the four reported incidents.

Supt Andy Brittain, said: “I am aware of varying reports online both in the news and on social media and I fully understand the concerns of parents in light of these reports

‘Heightened police presence’

“I would encourage the public to remain vigilant, but not to be unduly alarmed. Child kidnappings or abductions are, thankfully, incredibly rare, but we are not complacent.

“In order to provide reassurance to the community we have heightened our visible presence in areas where youngsters may gather The police urged anyone who feels worried or concerned to approach my officers. They went on to say in the statement,

In addition, please be assured that if we have reason to believe that there is a specific danger we will make sure that our communities are fully aware immediately.

“I would strongly encourage members of the public to approach our officers if they have any concerns or have any information that could prove to be beneficial to our investigations.”