Arconic Protestor Punched By Police During Arrest (exclusive)

Breaking News from Birmingham

Day 2 Arconic Shut Down

On the 2nd day of protests at the Arconic Factory yesterday in the city was ignored by msm.

Three people were arrested yesterday and one has been charged with trespassing and criminal damage.

The group Pal Action organised the protest.

Criminal Damage

The police claim they caused thousands in damage to the building.

Later on in the evening more people arrived and supported the Palestine Action group who organised it.

The company is responsible for Grenfell cladding and also making parts for Israeli planes.


As the latest video shows tensions were high and police clashed with protestors.

A woman is heard screaming to release a man police are wrestling with.

The video shows the police assault the man by punching him in the face.

The struggle ends up on the police car bonnet and further blows are thrown as they try to subdue a protestor.

A Large police presence was seen as more people arrived to the site.

The protesters were peaceful and participated in a sit down protest.

Several local people gave speeches and spoke on injustices being suffered in Palestine.


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