Thousands protest Lockdown at Downing Street Police make arrests

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Anti Lockdown

Police have clashed with anti lockdown protestors in London today after thousands have gathered to protest against the delay in lockdown lifting in the uk.

Arrests of protestors

Several arrests have been made and pictures show protestors thrown to the ground.

Large crowds

The mobilisation of activism groups has been increased by social media.

Technology is allowing people to gather quickly and make their point before police can act.

Protesters have been filmed throwing tennis balls with messages on them towards Downing Street while chanting ‘Get Boris out!’

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Delayed Lockdown

Large crowds have gathered in London on the day coronavirus restrictions were originally intended to end.

June 21 was set out as the point people would be able to meet in large groups again, among other changes.

However, the prime minister pushed the date back to July 19 citing concerns over the new and more infectious Delta variant, first identified in India.

Videos posted on social media showed officers drawing their batons and shouting at people to “stand back” while sirens sounded and horns beeped in the background.

One protester appeared to knock a policeman’s hat off before attempting to run away. Officers got a hold of him and a scuffle ensued between the police and demonstrators.

Downing Street

Crowds gathered outside Number 10, some carrying loudspeakers, to protest againt Boris Johnson’s decision to push the date back until July 19.

They were heard chantin “Arrest Chris Whitty” and “What do we want? Freedom.!When do we want it? Now!”


The police said, “We are aware of a demonstration in Parliament Square and along Whitehall,  A policing plan is in place throughout the day.

Police horses

Officers, including units from our Mounted Branch, are on scene and are engaging with those taking part in this demonstration.”

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There was also protests against lockdown in the north of England as well.

Anti-lockdown protesters marched through central Middlesbrough on Saturday in protest at the ongoing coronavirus restrictions.


The group gathered in numbers and were pictured with signs including “real men don’t wear masks”, “my body, my choice” and “stop watching TV, start reading data”.

The protest was apparently in frustration over the ongoing covid-19 regulations imposed by the government in a bid to halt the spread of the virus which has caused thousands of deaths in the UK.

Boris Johnson dashed the hopes of lockdown-weary Brits- earlier this week by extending England’s restrictions for four weeks to July 19.

England will remain at step three of the PM’s roadmap – limiting indoor parties to six people and meaning nightclubs must stay shut

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