2 Jailed for Birmingham shootout that killed Nassir Francis


Two gang members have been found guilty of executing a young man during a ‘shoot out’ in the Lozells area of Birmingnham last summer.

Naasir Francis, 22, was shot 3 times at close range on 26 August after his friend had opened fire on a Darnell and Teeko stood outside a shop in Lozells road.

This is when Lawrence Morgan  and Naasir pulled up in their white Lexus.

Naasir Francis
Naasir Francis


As Morgan and Naasir got out of their Lexus and walked down Lozells Road, they spotted the pair and fled, jumping into a passing car of an associate.

They then drove to an address where it is believed they collected a gun and within minutes returned to Lozells Road.

Morgan on a pedal bike and Naasir following on foot.

Teeko returns fire
Laurence morgan (po)

Broad Day

Morgan fired the first shot at the group and Teeko Le subsequently fired back.


It was 12.30pm, in the middle of the day when both groups opened fire at each other putting themselves and the public at risk of serious injury or worse.

Morgan jumped back on his bike and Naasir got into the Lexus. As Teeko Le and Donovan-Harris pursued Morgan, Donovan-Harris spotted Naasir sitting in the driver’s side of the car and started to punch him. Donovan-Harris then made way for Teeko Le who fired several shots into the car.

3 times

Naasir was shot several times, an execution in broad daylight.

Morgan, who was still nearby, started to shoot towards Teeko Le and Donavon-Harris before jumping into the car as the other two ran off. Rather than taking Naasir to hospital, Morgan drove off before callously leaving his dying friend in a street nearby where members of the public tried to help him.

Naasir was taken to hospital and despite the best efforts of emergency services died in hospital.

Murder investigation

An analysis of phone records and eye witness accounts as well as CCTV placed each one at the scene and over the next few days, all three were arrested.

Outlining their defence in court, Morgan, 25 and Donovan-Harris, 22, confirmed it was them in the CCTV, but Teeko Le continued to deny he was there.



However, today (22 June) at Birmingham Crown Court, a jury took just six hours to find Teeko Le aged 17 guilty of murder and Darnell Donovan-Harris guilty of manslaughter.

Teeko Le was also found guilty of attempted murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

From L-R Darnall Donovan-Harris and Teeko Le
Lawrence Morgan

Cleared of attempt murder

Lawrence Morgan pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm at the beginning of the trial.

Detective Chief Inspector Jim Munro from the Homicide Team, said:

“Sadly this is the tragic reality of what carrying a gun can lead to.

Teeko Le and Morgan chose to carry a gun and open fire in broad daylight knowing any one of them could be instantly killed.

And sadly that’s what happened to Naasir.

“Naasir’s death is such a waste of life, not only Naasir’s life but also the lives of two young men and a teenager.

“My thoughts remain with Naasir’s family at this difficult time.”

Family statement

Naasir Francis’s family paid tribute in a statement released by the West Midlands force.

They said: “Naasir was the warm entity that bought a sense of security to the family.

“A deep comfort has been lost by his mother and siblings.

“A much-loved and respected young man in his community, Naasir’s charming personality, birthed a light of spiritedness in the eyes of his family, a light that has dulled since his passing.”

Mr Francis died of a gunshot wound to the stomach, a post-mortem examination showed.

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