Adam is walking from Wolverhampton to Mecca with a trolley


This story starts in a back garden in Wolverhampton,West Midlands.

A young girl is heard narrating as her father constructs a trolley which he will use to walk to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

The pride in her voice is evident as she explains the motives for him taking this epic journey.

The man in the video is Adam Mohammed and he is a husband and father of two girls.

He has intrigued and inspired the locals who gathered to wish him luck on his journey before he left out.

Dozens were in the streets and supporters have been making dua (prayer) for him.


Understandably some would describe as a dangerous journey.

Mecca ,4,200 miles from Wolverhampton

His home for one year

He will be sleeping in his trolley and will be at the mercy of the weather and elements in several countries over 3 seasons.

He thanked local businesses who have helped him with the framework of the trolley and he Adam said,

“when I tried to build my trolley they asked me for what purpose do you want trolley? when I told them I want to go to hajj, as Muslim’s I have to go one’s in a lifetime, straight away they told me we do it for you for free as a charity which I am very grateful for that”

He has called it “the peace journey from UK to Mecca” and is documenting it on his social media accounts.

His journey began on the 1st August and early on he has encountered problems, his trolley needed repairing and he had to take it to a mechanic.

This set back didn’t deter him and he set out without sleep to walk through Birmingham and head to Coventry.


He was then hindered by a busy A road he need to cross on his journey and to his surprise a policeman offered to push his trolley down the road to ensure he made it safely to the other side.

This was one of many acts of kindness Adam received along his journey so far.

On the 5th day of his journey he woke up with no voice and also had guests.

A fan off tiktok came all the way from Scotland to meet the pilgrim on his journey and explained how inspired and humbled he was by the encounter.

The supporters had driven through the night and not slept in order to pray with Adam and bless his journey to Mecca.

As Adam continues on his journey with his voice weak he again encounters good Samaritans who upon hearing his story offer to push his trolley while he takes a rest in their van.

The pair push this trolley contently and in some way maybe finding their own peace of mind by helping Adam.

This one man walking to Mecca is becoming a journey all his followers are making too with his documentation of it daily online.

He has even touched the heart of non muslims and had videos sent to him praising his dedication and fearless commitment to achieve his goal.

On his 8th day he Arrives in Northampton where again he meets followers off social media for breakfast and prayer.

Upon leaving a wet and cold Northampton he heads to Bedford and on a A road he is greeted by a group of young Kurdish men who are offering assistance to push his trolley.

He has now left Bedford and will soon be heading for the border and into Europe and beyond.

His go fund me page has raised nearly £20,000 and explains he is travelling from the UK (Wolverhampton) To Mecca by foot by himself pushing his home built cart all the way to the holy land to perform Hajj, it will take him a year to complete the journey.

He is planning on getting there just before the start of the hajj season 2022 in-sha-Allah.

Through out his journey he will be live streaming his journey across the world via YouTube and possibly Tik Tok.

He will not only be walking and pushing his cart/trolly but this will also be his home for the next year, (A cart no longer then an adult coffin and no wider then a full human beings arms length) this cart will become his home for the next 350+ days. This is where he will eat sleep and cook.

He is not doing all this for name fame or money.

But just to highlight to the world we are all equal and he is no better then anybody.

He is humble enough to walk pushing a cart weighing 200 – 250kg for a journey of approximately 4,200 miles (1,330 hours of walking).

He will be making dua for each and every one of you along his journey.

He is asking for support from everyone to make dua for him to make his journey easier.

He wants to show that how the media represents the religion Islam is all in a negative light.

Neighbours say goodbye

This is not going to be a easy journey for him, but is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of Allah and giving himself up to Allah.

Please help with any amount of donation so we can support him to reach his destination inshallah, and shine a different light on Islam.

Social media

Follow his journey on YouTube, his channel is called “peace journey from UK to Mecca” and also his Tiktok with the same name.

In Islamic terminology, Hajj is a pilgrimage made to the Kaaba, the “House of God”, in the sacred city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

The Hajj is a demonstration of the solidarity of the Muslim people, and their submission to God (Allah). The word Hajj means “to attend a journey”, which connotes both the outward act of a journey and the inward act of intentions.

Adam Mohammed has sparked a flame in people that I dot think they knew was there.

He has left behind all his worldly possessions and his family to risk his health and potentially life to achieve his life long dream.

In a time where we have been locked down and dreams put on hold we all need to be inspired to seize the day.

A dream can be thought up and made a reality if you put your mind to it and trust in you capabilities and talents.

We are all trying to find a mission in life and we all need focus and with so many losing jobs and starting again post lockdown.

Is there any better time to go back to the drawing board and re-think what it is you actually want from life and how your going to get it?

Adam may not make it to Mecca, but he is trying and that is what life is about.

I will keep you updated on his progress and please follow him to support.

Dougie Hone.

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