Tonne of cocaine, Monk arrest, Encro phones (Spain news)

Civil Guard agents, in a joint operation with the National Police and the Tax Agency, have seized 1,100 kilograms of cocaine in a container that was in a warehouse in Valencia.

The narcotic substance was hidden with a sophisticated concealment system in the ceiling and in the floor of the structure of the container itself.

The shipment came from Manta, Guayaquil (Ecuador) and its final destination in Spain was Vigo (Pontevedra).

The investigation began when the agents learned that a criminal organization was going to receive a large consignment of cocaine in Spain from Manta, Guayaquil (Ecuador).

The drug was going to enter the national territory through Valencia but its final destination was Vigo (Pontevedra).

As a result of several investigations, the agents confirmed that the container loaded with frozen food and, in addition, with the drug inside, had already reached the Port of Valencia.

Once in our country, it was transported by truck to a company in Valencia, where it is unloaded and stored in a container area.


With this information, the agents intervened the container and managed to extract the drug that was hidden in the structure of the container.

Gerry Monk

On August 7, 2021.- The Civil Guard has arrested in the province of Malaga the Irish citizen GH, known in the criminal field as The Monk, a native of Dublin, 58 years old and claimed by the Irish authorities where is accused of murder.

Gerry hutch arrest

The case dates back to 2016 and is the Regency hotel attack in Dublin that killed David Byrne.

The investigations to locate and arrest this person began when the Civil Guard, through the Garda Siochana (Irish Police), learned that the Irish Judicial Authorities had accused him of murder in that country, activating a European Order of Detention and Delivery (OEDE).

Given this information, the Justice Fleeing Team of the Civil Guard’s Central Operational Unit began the first steps to locate it, resulting in the fact that it could be found residing in the Canary Islands, where it loses track of it. month of April of this year.

Next, the investigators focused their investigations on people on the Costa del Sol, steps that allowed the agents to corroborate that the defendant was residing there, although, they discovered that it has a logistics network that provides what is necessary. so you don’t have to leave your hiding place.


Finally he is located in a house in the center of the town of Fuengirola (Malaga), establishing a discreet surveillance service on it, until on the afternoon of Thursday the 12th, he leaves his home walking through the busy streets of the center of the city. Malaga town, very focused on his safety, making numerous stops and gear changes, until he accesses a well-known restaurant, where he is detained by Civil Guard agents, carrying false documentation at that time.

Battle of the Clans

The Monk

According to Police in Ireland the detainee was part of the family clan known as Kinahan, dedicated to the criminal world, both in Ireland and on the Spanish Costa del Sol.

After an internal dispute, a split occurs and another criminal group led by the now detained emerged, starting a fierce war between clans that has led to about 20 deaths from both sides between Ireland and Spain.

The clashes increased when his nephew was murdered in 2015 in the town of Mijas (Málaga) and G.H.

He blamed the Kinahan clan.

The detainee, the Irish authorities, consider him responsible for the events that occurred at the Regency Hotel in Dublin (Ireland) in 2016, where men from his organization, disguised as policemen, murdered a member of the rival clan using weapons of war during the time of the weigh-in for a boxing match, in a clear act of revenge.

The investigations have been carried out by the Justice Fleeing Team of the Civil Guard’s Central Operational Unit, in collaboration with the Garda Siochana and Europol, as well as with the Rapid Action Group (GAR) of the Civil Guard at the time of the arrest and with different units of the Malaga Civil Guard Command.

Sweden gang

Agents of the Civil Guard, National Police and the Swedish NOA, developed within the framework of a Joint Investigation Team between Spain and Sweden, constituted for this purpose in EUROJUST and EUROPOL, have dismantled a network of drug traffickers of Swedish and Polish origin that operated , in addition to their countries of origin, in various European nations, mainly in Spain, where they supplied the narcotic that they later distributed. 71 people have been arrested in both countries during an operation that has been carried out in four different phases.

The police investigations began at the end of 2018, with the request, by the Swedish authorities, of various European Investigation Orders on a group of individuals from that country who regularly came to Spain to negotiate the purchase of consignments of narcotic drugs. . These people were directly related to the different Swedish criminal groups that, at present, dispute the control of the distribution of narcotics in cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg, and that in recent times have caused the death of around 50 people a year for account adjustments.

From the beginning of the investigation, it was found that the different Swedish criminal groups converged in our country around common drug suppliers, being able to identify some of the most important in the provinces of Malaga and Barcelona. Once the links of these organizations in both countries had been verified, an operational investigation team was established in EUROPOL that included several of the most important research objectives, considered to be of high value.

Similarly, the judicial investigation was conducted within the framework of a joint investigation team between Spain and Sweden.

Since then, and once the mechanisms through which the research would be developed have been articulated, its exploitation has developed in various phases.

FIRST PHASE – A COMPANY THAT HIDDED THE DRUG BETWEEN ITS SHIPMENTS: They used a Swedish moving company based in Alicante and Malaga to transport the drug from Spain to the Nordic country, hiding it among the legal shipments that the company carried out.

SECOND PHASE – ARRESTED IN MADRID ONE OF THE MOST VIOLENT CRIMINALS: One of the most violent criminals was arrested in Madrid, classified by EUROPOL as a high value target for his alleged involvement in crimes of conspiracy to murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping and extortion

In total, 1,700 kilograms of hashish, 500 kilograms of marijuana, 55,000 units of an opiate drug used as a heroin substitute, 5 kilograms of cocaine, 23 kilograms of amphetamine, two submachine guns, a rifle, eight short weapons, a hand grenade, five air pistols, 400 cartridges, 592,000 euros in cash, 1,850,000 euros in bank accounts and bitcoin wallets with an estimated value of 15,000 euros.

64 properties worth more than 14 million euros have also been blocked and 30 vehicles have been seized and another 23 seized.

Finally, three boats, 15 luxury watches, 30 works of art, numerous computer equipment of latest generation, three geolocation devices and two money counting machines.

Agents of the Civil Guard and National Police have dismantled a criminal organization based in the Canary Islands.

The four detainees are members of the Skaljari Clan, the dangerous drug trafficking mafia originally from Montenegro, known for its violence.

The criminal network had established a channel for the introduction of cocaine in the Canary Islands, which it collected in rented houses in luxury residential units.

The members of the group went completely unnoticed, and from these houses they proceeded to distribute the n organizations.

Investigators detected in November how members of the organization handed over 250,000 and 155,000 euros in cash respectively to third parties on different days, with the purpose of removing said money from the Canary Islands and introducing it into the legal market.

After an arduous investigation, it was possible to detect an alleged transport of narcotic substances that started from the south of Tenerife. Once the two vehicles that participated in it had been identified, it was found that 70 kilograms of cocaine were being transported, for which the two drivers were arrested. The police investigations took the agents to a property located in Costa Adeje, where a third member of the organization was arrested, who was currently guarding the rest of the drug.

In the records carried out on Gran Canaria and Tenerife, another 338 kilograms of cocaine were found, in addition to 413,000 euros.

The final result obtained after the arrests and house searches translates into the apprehension of 408 kilograms of cocaine, the intervention of almost half a million euros in cash, a vehicle, a yacht-type boat, 12 encrypted telephones, electronic security devices, machines banknote counters and vacuum packers, as well as various tools and documentation related to criminal activities.

The operation has been jointly developed by four groups from the Canary Islands specialized in the fight against delinquency and organized crime, the EDOA of the Comandancia de Tenerife and ECO de Canarias by the Civil Guard; UDYCO of the Provincial Police Station of Las Palmas and UDYCO of the Provincial Police Station of Tenerife by the National Police.

Likewise, the investigation team had the support of the UDYCO Central of the National Police and the Technical Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard, experts in the analysis of crime in the Balkans, of the EUROPOL agency, of the Interior Attaché of the Embassy of Spain in Belgrade (Serbia), police authorities of Albania and the police authorities of Montenegro.

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