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Polish gang arrested with half tonne of cannabis in Malaga

Spanish police have dismantled a Polish criminal organisation based in the province of Malaga, but with connections in Murcia, Cádiz and Granada, arresting eleven people.

The investigation began when the Polish police learned that a powerful criminal organization from their country was based in Andalusia, dedicated to transporting drugs to northern Europe.

The members of the organisation would be dangerous people with numerous police records in Poland.

One of them, in addition to a history of drug trafficking, was a member of a radicalized band of holligans in his country and another of them, for crimes against public health, kidnapping and torture.

Given this information, the agents initiate investigations to locate the members of the organisation.

After a laborious investigation it is found that they could be residing in a house located in Manilva (Malaga).

Later, it is revealed that the members of the organization maintained great discipline regarding security; using security vehicles on the way, making long journeys to reach the destination, placing people as “points” during drug loading operations, etc.

In addition, the agents observe a person who meets with the targets and who notices that he is the leader of the group.

It is about a Polish citizen with a European Arrest Warrant for Extradition for drug trafficking in his country and believed to be in the British Isles.

The civil guards suspect that the organization was going to transport drugs and organize a monitoring device that takes them from Malaga to Granada, from Granada to Cádiz and finally to Murcia.

Suspecting that they could be moving a large quantity of marijuana, the agents stop the truck in Alicante, finding 162 kilos of marijuana in the double bottom of air conditioning machines, which was the merchandise that it was transporting, for which they detained the two people who were riding in the truck.

Once the members of the organisation, their residences and their role in it are known, 6 entries and records are made in the towns of: Songonera la Seca in Murcia, Estepona and Manilva in Malaga, Pulianas and Pinos Puentes in Granada and Sanlúcar of Barrameda in Cádiz.

The records have intervened a handgun ammunitioned with a magazine, 3 vehicles, 100,000 euros in cash, two 300 hp outboard motors, money counting and vacuum packaging machines, as well as 378 kilograms of marijuana buds.

In total, eleven people have been arrested, five Poles and six Spaniards, in addition 564 kilograms of marijuana have been seized, and dismantling a major criminal organisation that was transporting approximately one ton of marijuana per month to northern Europe.

Civil guards from OCON-SUR UCO and from the Comandancias of Alicante, Murcia, Cádiz, Málaga, and Granada have participated in the ZUREK operation, as well as agents from the Poland Police Central Beuro of Investigation Field Branch Olsztyn.

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