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£420,000 safe robbery in Surrey Jewellers CCTV

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Sep 28, 2021

This story comes from Egham in Surrey in the borough of Runnymede and on the 20th of September there was a robbery of 425,000 pounds worth of Rolex watches and Jewellery from “24 seven kettles” that is based in the MeadLake place office district.

This robbery occurred just gone midnight, 20.09.21 when a group of four males in a car enter the business park.

They then made their way to the front of the building where they smashed the security doors with a sledgehammer.

The owners of 24 seven kettles for providing the full CCTV of this incident and interview which was understandably upsetting.

After entering the building, there is then a second security door, and they smashed this also with a sledgehammer.

There is free floors of offices in these buildings, and it was only built in 2018.

And of course, they’re light and airy and modern, but also the reality is, is that they’re very open and glass is easily broken through as the sledgehammer demonstrated in this video.


A big reason as to why I’m doing this story as well is also to raise awareness about security and how these sorts of things go down.

And also the lack of notice of the story as well, where the mainstream media is still yet to pick up on it.

Even though the owners have put out 100,000 pounds reward for the return of the items.

As you can see, the thieves enter the office and the driver then comes back out and makes his way downstairs to bring the car round.

They throw safe out of the window.

The rest of the group will then join the driver downstairs in the car park for the second part of the video which I will play in a moment the driver makes his way outside and pulls the car rope around the back, where the safe has been thrown out of the window and the rest of the group disperse.

The second part of the video shows their getaway coming out of the car park pass the security gates as such, and then they get a trolley in order to be able to put the safe into the car.


They struggle to do this and it takes them several minutes to be able to get the savings for the car.

Potentially they didn’t know how heavy it would be or how big it was.

Eventually they get the safe into the car and make their getaway with the doors open as well.

So the safe is pretty much hanging out of the car at this time.

The owner told me in an interview with Scarcity that the police arrived about 1015 minutes after they made their getaway.

They only stayed for a short amount of time and the day after forensic came.

But then since then, the founding very difficult to get any updates about what’s going on with their case.

Meadlake place is described on the website from the office retail Park sellers as tranquil office space on Thorpe road in Egham offers easy access to the M 25. At junction 13.

It consists of free office buildings and covers a 30,000 square foot and this is something that I noticed straight away was the fact of the security gates.

These are bad security gates & they do have security on site.

The owner of the company said I don’t believe there was any dogs on site.

And security guards can’t intervene really in situations like this.

When somebody’s got sledgehammers and weapons, the gate to the actual industrial park is tiny and the car must have smashed in very easily to gain entry to the park for myself, this would have been a security risk from the get go.

They’ve got glass windows surrounding the whole building and also a very low set gate. So it’s definitely something to bear in mind when you’re renting out office space and looking for somewhere to store something that’s cost so much money to make sure that it’s as secure as physically possible because there are people that will go to great lengths in order to be able to obtain that 24 seven kettles are a fairly new company.

They only launched in February, and the jewellery business has seen a massive increase with social media.

In recent years there has definitely a major niche in the music industry as well.

Watches are desired and one customer who is a music artist could potentially get you a lot of business in the future.

The posted to social media and what the internet does is also let people know a lot about your business.

24 seven watches had in stock at the time, the 2021 Rolex Oyster Perpetual and this is the latest version of it with anti reflective coating applied to the back of the sapphire crystal.

They also had in stock car ca watches as well the 2021 versions and there was also jewellery inside the safe that was taken.

The owners told me they described themselves as a online modern company specialising in timepieces and jewellery and their goal is to deliver a dream timepiece with an affordable price and they buy and sell luxury watches and jewellery.

As I said before they’ve released 100,000 pounds reward and also CBO numbers and paperwork have also been released as of yet another recipe made and no car has been recovered.

So that is definitely a big reminder in security.

And I’ll definitely keep you updated if there is any developments on that story.

£4.1 Million jewel robbery

During my research i found that strangely there was a very similar robbery that resulted in a conviction last year, where a gang robbed the salesman and stole the 4 million pounds worth of precious gems.

They were convicted in January of last year and the four men targeted the employees of an exclusive American company called Le’vian.

And also only five minutes away from where this robbery actually took place as well.

Four men repeatedly punched and kicked a jeweller in the face in a shopping centre car park on the 13th of May the year, before they left him with a fractured wrist and a socket and the criminal sped away in the Mercedes and they smashed for a barrier with 4 million pounds worth of very rare chocolate diamonds.

Security flaws i noticed were the barriers as well same as the gates in the other example, these are not big deterrents in 2021.

You really need to be getting warrior gates on warrior doors.

A lot of these companies that will run raided and jewellery shops have gone on to upgrade to them sort of doors.

The police say that the rubbers in this case, spotted an advert on the Ernest Jones website because Levine is a designer jeweller for Ernest Jones.

The website announced the arrival of the jewellery in the store in stains, and this prompted them to hatch a plot to Robbie Camillo cover Zhao coo Triano Lee garden of an Oscar Hicks were all convicted of conspiracy to commit robbery after an eight week trial at Kingston Crown Court.

He was opening in the boot of his car when he got his suitcase out containing the jewellery and he was hitting the face.

He then fell to the ground before being punched and kicked repeatedly.

An investigation was launched and uncovered footage in the carpark and got number plate recognition that captured the gangs car a Mercedes C class that was breaking through the exit barrier at the speed at 8:25am.

On the morning of the robbery the number plates had been stolen earlier the same week from a Mercedes in Lambeth.

Police used CCTV from the town centre and statements given by witnesses investigating officers were able to piece together the cars journey for the area of stains, as well as the four men that we’re seeing going in and out of the car park two days prior to the robbery.

They also established that the Mercedes was previously registered to a partner of Camillo, a blue Ford Focus had been travelling in convoy with the Mercedes that was registered also to Lee Gardner police found out that side road travelled to Maidenhead in 2019, the day before the robbery wherever you were sitting looking at the shopping centre captured him leaving and also entering the shop and looking at the display.

The gang was arrested at an address in London later on in the year, and they uncovered phones that later confirmed that they was using GIS for the offences of stealing the ring.

This was a very similar style of robbery to the Egham safe robbery.

A reminder of security issues you must be careful of when starting a business.