Police officer jailed for relationship with victim of crime

 A West Midlands Police officer has been jailed for engaging in a relationship with a vulnerable woman during the course of his duties.

PC James Ankrett admitted corrupt or other improper exercise of police powers after he formed an inappropriate relationship with the woman in July 2017.

He was charged in 2019 following an investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) and was sentenced to five months in prison today (18 Oct) at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

The former force response officer was previously restricted from duties and worked in a non-public facing role following the report, while the investigation was carried out.

He was suspended from duty after admitting the offence at court on 14 September and dismissed without notice last week (14 Oct) at an accelerated misconduct hearing chaired by Chief Constable Sir David Thompson.

He said: “This behaviour is a matter of deep public concern at this time.

The issue of Violence Against Women and Girls requires the police to act as champions for the fair treatment of women.


Public trust is undermined when officers behave as this officer has.”

He added: “Officers like this have no place in West Midlands Police.

They are an abhorrence to the men and women who make up this organisation who go out day in day out to protect the most vulnerable.

They damage our standing and professional reputation.

We will root them out and not only dismiss them but actively seek prosecutions when criminal laws have been broken.”

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