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Breaking news: Controlled explosion Sefton park after suspected bomb #exclusivefootage

Byscarcity news

Nov 15, 2021

Exclusive footage to Scarcity shows police flooding Sefton park.Police investigating a terror incident in Liverpool have carried out a controlled explosion as a precaution. One person died and another was injured in a car explosion outside Liverpool’s Women’s Hospital on Sunday. Multiple witness reported seeing a significant police presence in the area and the operation then unfold – several while on the school run. Police have since confirmed the explosion was carried out as a precaution and was linked to ongoing work in relation to yesterday’s taxi blast in the hospital car park. 

Pictures claiming to have captured the incident showed police in a section of the park close to Croxteth Drive and what appeared to be smoke rising from the scene. One witness said they were walking near the park and saw police surrounding a field close to St Hilda’s High School. He said: “We were walking down and saw the police surrounding a field then suddenly a bang went off. It seemed too loud to be a firework.” Several others reported hearing a loud bang and seeing a large police presence in the park. Eight families have been evacuated from an address on the street and counter terror police said “significant items” had been discovered in a property linked to the suspected terrorist who is believed to have built an Improvised Explosive Device that detonated outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Police remained on the street today and further searches of the property are expected in connection with the investigation.