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Mother who drove sons to shoot man dead after disrespect jailed for life

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Dec 12, 2021

Two brothers from Watford who were driven by their mother to a house where they shot Esam Ayad and killed him have been found guilty of murder. Armed with a shotgun, Anthony Olive and John Bowie were driven to Hoddesdon by their mother Michaela Olive on the night of December, 4 2018.

She waited in her car, a Vauxhall Mokka, in nearby Castle Road with the engine running ready to be the getaway driver, while her sons went to a home in Ogard Road and shot 26-year-old father of two Esam Ayad in the face. He was rushed to hospital but died from his injuries the following day. Police were called to Ogard Road in Hoddesdon at 9.25pm on Tuesday after it was reported the victim had been shot in the face.

A group of people were seen fleeing the area after the shooting and it’s thought they used a vehicle to drive away. Detective Chief Inspector Jerome Kent, who is leading the investigation, said: “A young man has lost his life in devastating circumstances. Lex Wolf, 31, director of Wolf Media Events, “He’s a very smiley sort of person. He could walk in a room and everyone would notice him. “He had a soft, quiet, gentle voice.

“For our next show we’re going to try and do a tribute to him because he loved fashion, he loved glamour. “He was trying to make a better life for his kids. It’s come as a shock to me. “He was a family man, loved and respected by loads of people. He was a kind person. He gave a massive donation to sponsorship for our show.” Friend Marcuss Tisson, a comedian said “He was a nice guy, he had a good aura about him, an amazing smile and everyone liked him.

“I knew his partner and his partner’s family very well. “They’ve got two kids, they were going out for a number of years. “He always seemed happy, he loved his music, he was a great dad and the kids loved him. “He wanted to get into music, he was always in the studios and wanted to help up and coming artists and the community.” Following a three-month trial at Woolwich Crown Court, Olive, 29, Bowie, 27, both from Watford, and their mother Michaela Olive, 49, of Broxbourne, were found guilty of murder.

The court heard that earlier on the day of the shooting, Esam had been involved in an argument with Olive and Bowie’s younger teenage brother at the Harvey Centre. The brothers  Furious, the older brothers set about finding Esam, tracking him down to his friend’s house. They went there armed and while Esam was looking out of an open upstairs window the fatal shot was fired. Detective Superintendent Jerome Kent, from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit, said: “This has been a complex and challenging investigation with my officers working painstakingly to piece together evidence including CCTV footage, phone records, ANPR information and witness statements to provide Esam’s partner and children with some answers and bring these offenders to justice.

“Although the shotgun used in the murder of Esam has never been recovered we found gunshot residue in Michaela Olive’s white Mokka, which was seized as part of the investigation. Officers also received support from the local community who were shocked by this horrific killing. “We may never know exactly why Olive and Bowie decided to kill Esam that night but it is clear that there was an acrimonious history between them. We’ll also never know why Michaela Olive agreed to drive her sons to the murder scene.


“I have no doubt that she knew they were armed with a shotgun when they got into her car. She not only failed to intervene to prevent the shooting from happening but played a key part. They are all now facing life sentences in prison.” Following a three-month trial at Woolwich Crown Court, Olive, 29, Bowie, 27, both from Watford, and their mother Michaela Olive, aged 49, of Broxbourne, were found guilty of murder on Thursday, April 8. Bowie must serve a minimum term of 32 years; Olive must remain behind bars for a minimum of 28 years and Michaela Olive must serve a minimum term of 22 years.