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Deputy headteacher of primary school jailed for child rape

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Dec 23, 2021

Police found a number of devices in David Morris’ house and a number of videos of abuse were uncovered. David and his wife Julie were arrested after packing up a camper van to go to the Lake District, with £10,000 in cash. They made full admissions during their interviews and Julie Morris told officers that David Morris ‘had a hold on her’. The PRIMARY school deputy headteacher was charged over the rape of a child was pictured posing as a cheerleader before her arrest. Julie Morris, 44, has been charged with aiding the rape of a girl under 13 – with parents of pupils at St George’s Central Church of England Primary School near Wigan telling of their shock. Pictures have now emerged of Morris – who was one of three child protection officers at the 340-pupil school – posing in an Alice in Wonderland costume for the school’s prospectus and as a cheerleader on social media. Maths and RE teacher Julie has worked at St George’s Central Church of England Primary School for 10 years.

Parents were told of the alleged offences on Wednesday in a letter from the headteacher – Mark Grogan. He highlighted: “It is important to emphasise that the charges in relation to the alleged offences are not connected with our school.” The head added that he realises that it “will come as a shock for everyone within the school community”. Julie Morris is accused of aiding and abetting the rape of a girl under 13 and inciting sexual activity with a child.] Meanwhile, David Morris, 52 – who is not thought to be related or married to Julie – was charged with three counts of rape of a girl under 13 and inciting a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity. Some stunned parents told of their shock as they collected their kids from the school on Friday, One mum said to press :

“All my children have gone to this school and to say I’m shocked is an understatement. I really hope it’s not true. “It’s sad the school has been dragged into it.”


Another added: “I’ve nothing bad to say about her. “The charges are very serious and what makes it more shocking is that she is a deputy head in charge of young children. “In my mind it’s innocent until proven guilty.”


Merseyside police revealed the alleged rape was “unrelated” to Julie’s job – meaning the alleged victim is not thought to be a pupil. A spokesman said: “We can confirm that two people have been charged with child sex offences which are alleged to have taken place in Eccleston. “David Morris has been charged with three counts of rape of a girl under 13 and causing and inciting a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity. “Julie Morris has been charged with aiding and abetting the rape of a girl under 13 and inciting sexual activity with a child under 13. Julie Morris is employed in the education sector in Wigan. “We are working closely with Greater Manchester Police and Wigan Council to ensure that adequate safeguarding measures are in place. “The offences for which she has been charged are not related to her employment in Wigan.” They are both due to appear before a judge at Liverpool Crown Court on October 4.

Mr Williams told the court that the defendants met on dating website Plenty of Fish in 2016 and that their relationship ‘quickly became intensely sexual’. Around 175,000 pages of chat logs, analysed by Merseyside Police, revealed that the pair had sick conversations about their fantasies and sexually abusing children. On one occasion, David Morris said of primary school aged children:

“Is it bad that that age range gets me so horny?”


In another chat, Julie Morris said: “I’m going to get arrested.” Between 2018 and 2021, both defendants abused a girl, aged under 13, on numerous occasions. David Morris would often record the vile abuse on his mobile phone, the court heard. Upon sending David Morris a photograph of school pupils in fancy dress, he responded to Julie Morris: “Three possibly, one definitely”. Their abuse was discovered in September of this year when police raided David Morris’ home in Sandfield Road, Eccleston. It followed phone messages that David Morris had shared with another person who police had arrested in January 2021.

In an impact statement, the victim’s dad said that his ‘world fell apart’ when he found out about the abuse that his daughter had suffered and ‘felt sick to his stomach’. He said: “My job is to protect her and I feel like I’ve failed “I’m totally heartbroken.” Julie Morris’ defence barrister Paul Becker told the court that she is “thoroughly ashamed of her actions and appalled”. Mr Becker said that she had a “difficult childhood”, “felt unloved at home” and was “bullied at school”. He added that she was “held in high regard” prior to the offending and had no previous convictions. Defending David Morris, Charles Lander told the court that he is “genuinely remorseful” for his crimes and has shown “determination to to attend every course in prison to address his sexual offending”.

According to Mr Lander, David Morris told the author of a pre-sentence report: “If I could take it back in a heartbeat I would.” Judge Andrew Menary QC handed Julie Morris a custodial term of 13 years and four months, while sentencing David Morris to 16 years custody. Julie and David Morris will serve at least two thirds of their sentence in custody before being considered for parole. At the end of their terms, both will be subjected to an extended licence period of four years. Handing out sentences to the couple, Judge Menary described the crimes as ‘almost beyond belief’ and said that they showed that ‘human depravity really knows no depths’. Sexual Harm Prevention Orders have been imposed on Julie and David Morris for an indefinite period and both will have to sign the sex offenders’ register for life.