Scot jailed for 19 years for stabbing friend 18 times & setting him on fire

Jordan Dickson and Craig Sneddon, were friends for a long time but one day Jordan stabbed Craig at least 18 times with a knife in a brutal attack on January 17 2021. In the early hours of the day of the murder, the pair were spotted on Dickson’s Kawasaki bike. They eventually ended up at Fordel Path sometime after 12.30am.

They had “embarked on a journey” on the bike with Craig later in control. The QC said in court : “There was a collision or a minor accident and both came off the motorcycle. “It was that event which caused the argument between the two men.” There are no eyewitnesses to what happened there, but Jordan Dickson went on to reveal the details to several people.

The indictment stated Dickson murdered his friend by repeatedly striking him with a knife and then set fire to his body. Dickson phoned a taxi to collect him around a mile from the scene to get him away and he headed to his home in Musselburgh, East Lothian. His sister Bianca said that he had been in a “fight” with Craig and “said something about a bike”.

Around 4.30am, he stated to a friend: “I need help. I cannot talk on the phone.” Dickson added to this man there allegedly had been a confrontation between him and Craig.

“He told the man that after he stabbed Craig Sneddon in the neck, he poured petrol on top of him, placed the motorcycle on top and set fire to him.”

Dickson then went to the home of a friend of his other sister yelling he was “in trouble” and had “killed someone”. The advocate depute told the hearing: “She did not believe him…he said he had ‘burnt the guy to a crisp’. He said he was referring to Craig Sneddon.”

The killer later jumped on a bus in Wallyford and confessed to a passenger: “I am going to get done with murder.”


It was around 9am that morning the tragic discovery of Craig’s body was made. A couple had first noticed rising smoke and the smell of burning. Craig’s body was initially too badly damaged to be identified. Relatives became concerned when they could not contact Craig that morning.


They went on to learn it was his body found at the path after DNA tests. Mr Robertson said he had suffered at least 18 wounds to his face, head and neck. Pathologists said they could “not fully rule out” the possibility of other stab injuries. After initially being held the next day, Dickson told police: “I do not understand. No comment.” Dickson’s lawyer today accepted his reaction to anything which apparently happened that night was “disproportionate”.


Craig was a much loved man and will be missed by many and his funeral was a real send off for a genuine person, tributes were paid by Terri Kincaid on the day who said.

“Well the day has come that we have to say our farewells to you Craig Sneddon😞💔 this is not a goodbye message it’s a I will see you soon, save me a good spot at the river where I imagine you will be sat with a can of T in one hand and a fishing rod in the other and a wee bomb box playing raver baby, we shall all join you soon enough snedds ❤️🤍💙 what a turnout it was on the main street of wallyford today truly proves the impact you made on everyone’s life I promise your legacy will live on and you will never be forgotten💯 I would like to thank you for being a big part of my life and for all the laughter and amazing memories we have together 💕 I will love and cherish them forever and alway  💯💙♥️ rest in paradise sneddon until we meet again “



Charlotte Sneddon, 15, revealed the last time she saw her father they hatched plans to go on hiking, fishing and camping adventures this summer. They finally reconnected last Christmas following Craig’s battles with booze 

“I was trying to get my dad back before it could have been too late. Then, before I had the chance, it was too late.” Charlotte said she used to go out for long walks so she could ring her dad. She said: “Even though I know he’s gone, it feels like he’s not. We spent ages chatting on the phone and now I’ll never have that again.” Poignantly, she added: “For his Christmas this year I was going to find photos of him fishing.

Charlotte’s mum Kirsten Waters, 45 — Craig’s former partner — said she was distraught to learn of his horrific death earlier this year. She said: “Me and Craig still got on brilliantly even though we split up around ten years ago. “We all knew Jordan. He was in and out of my house growing up. Craig was pals with his mum and dad. It’s nobody’s fault but Jordan’s.” Kirsten, of Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire, also slammed the 19-year jail sentence Dickson was given earlier this month for the murder. She said of the brute: “I can’t understand why he did that to Craig after everything he did for him. Craig used to try to keep him out of trouble. Nineteen years isn’t enough.

 Lady Stacey said Dickson, of Musselburgh, East Lothian, was “wicked and cruel” as she jailed him.


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