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Teen shot in Handsworth cemetery at Vigil for murdered friend

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Jan 23, 2022

Due to the lack of media interest in the story I had to go to the scene of the shooting in Handsworth Cemetery where a 17 year old kid was shot in the foot, he has non-life-threatening injuries.

Crowds had gathered yesterday while they were all attending a vigil for a murdered teenager who was killed in Handsworth last year, 15 year old Keon Lincoln was chased by several teenagers and stabbed and shot on Linwood road. The gang were set down for life for his murder, and today it seems that there is nowhere that has any sanctuary like there’s nowhere that people can go safely, not even a Cemetery, where they don’t face the risk of being shot.

This news comes from here in Birmingham and there’s been a lot going on but I’m going to focus on the main story which is a teenager that’s been shot in a Handsworth cemetery, the teenager was shot as he was mourning the death of his friend Keon Lincoln on the anniversary of the 15 year old’s murder shots were fired at Handsworth cemetery on Friday January the 21st.

Police were called to the scene at 3 pm.

Detective Sergeant Mccullough from west midlands C.I.D said “this is a shocking thing to happen in broad daylight and while people were paying respects for the tragic loss of a teenager” he went on to say that guns have no place on the streets of Birmingham.

The boy that was convicted of his murder was the youngest person in the country to be convicted of shooting somebody dead.. he was 14 years old.

Clearly with this story it’s definitely about throwing your life away that’s what I’m trying to highlight here at the end of the day the reasons as to why people are doing something don’t matter right now, all that matters is the fact that young people are being killed and also young people are risking throwing their whole life away to get somebody back for revenge or for respect.

But when the lines are crossed like when 13 year old kids are being shot in the city and when people are firing at cemeteries, there’s no respect anymore there’s no boundaries there is nowhere that’s sacred!

Consequently this is what I think is the main problem there will always be problems on the street there will always be people trying to kill each other but when you don’t have any sort of moral compass this is when it starts to become chaos.

I went down to the scene of the cemetery to try to see what was going on because the media wasn’t bothered because no one was dead at the same time a teenager being shot at a vigil of somebody that had already been murdered to me is quite important and when i arrived there i found that the cemetery was still taped off by police and this I believe is where they were gathering to pay respects to him Hansworth cemetery is a very big cemetery in the city and a lot of people go there every single day to pay respects to their loved ones so to imagine that somebody could have been shot dead potentially inside there on the anniversary of Keon’s death is actually crazy.

This was one of two shootings in the west Midlands with the other being in the West Brom area over the weekend on Saturday January the 22nd a house was peppered with bullets at 3 am and a man escaped serious injury in the shooting on faraday road west Brom.

Police launched an investigation after a 44 year old suffered a gunshot wound to the wrist and a spokesperson for west midlands police said they were investigating after gunshots were fired at the house in the early hours of the morning on Saturday.

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