Wolves rapist kept a mother hostage for 34 hours

A Wolverhampton man was jailed for life yesterday (31 January) for attempted murder and rape.

In August last year, Luke Ward forced his way into a woman’s home and held her hostage for more than 34 hours.

He raped her before stabbing her in the throat while her two young children were left alone in their bedrooms.

Despite losing a lot of blood, the woman managed to clean the wound and stop the bleeding, but her injuries were still serious and she believed she was going to die. But instead of seeking medical help, Ward continued his threats to kill her and raped her again.

Fearing for her life, the woman finally found an opportunity to run for the front door, only just managing to slip from Ward’s grasp. Outside people immediately came to help her and called us.

Mindful that Ward was armed with a knife, officers carefully entered the flat, but found he had escaped through the back of the property. The children were found unharmed.

Ward fled the area, but was arrested the next day by City of London Police officers in the capital.


Ward, aged 25 from Princess Anne Road, pleaded guilty to attempted murder, four counts of rape and sexual assault at Wolverhampton Crown Court on 20 October last year and was sentenced yesterday (Monday 31 January) to life imprisonment to serve a minimum of 14 years.

Detective Constable Nikki McMurray, from the force’s Public Protection Unit, said: “This was a terrifying attack on a woman who feared for her life and the welfare of her children.

“She has had to undergo a lengthy operation to repair a deep wound that reached to her spine. She has been left with significant scarring to her neck, so even if the memory of her ordeal fades, the scars are a constant reminder.

“I hope that knowing Ward is behind bars gives her some sense of security.”

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