School kids knife fight on London bus

A knife fight broke out on the top deck of a busy double decker bus on the 3rd of Febuary.

Two children armed with blades began fighting on the 109 bus in Streatham at around 4.40pm, as fellow passengers filmed the incident.

Passengers watched on in terror as the teenage boys wielded the knives like swords.

One person claimed that the fight went on for five minutes, with the footage showing a man standing by the boys appearing to attempt to calm the situation down.

The smaller teenager, who has a mask obscuring the lower part of his face, seems to almost lose hold of his blade as the other strikes it with his own.

On a clip that has been widely shared on social media, a caption reads: “As if this just happened.

“Kids with a knife on the bus in Streatham. They have gone after about five minutes of back and forth.”


Social media users commented on how “terrified” the passenger looks while attempting to deescalate the situation.

“The poor guy at front standing up.. terrified,” one person said.

Another remarked on how “frightening” it must have been for the passenger, saying: “That poor man there to the left, must have been frightening.”

By the time police arrived on the scene, all those involved had fled.

There were no reported injuries and no arrests, but the police’s enquiries continue.

A spokesperson for the Met said: “Police were called at 16:41hrs on Thursday, 3 February to reports of a fight on board a bus in the area of Telford Avenue, SW2.

“Officers attended but all of those involved had fled prior to their arrival. There were no reported injuries.


Last year was a grim one in terms of knife crime in the Capital.

Two teenagers stabbed to death within an hour of each other at the end of December made 2021 London’s bloodiest on record for the age group.

It means 30 teens were murdered in 2021, the highest in London since the Second World War – eclipsing the previous toll of 29 in 2008.

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