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Cyber bank robbers stole thousands hacking ATM machines

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Feb 23, 2022

This idea really dragged bank robberies into the 21st century, a Cyber criminal gang robbed tens of thousands from cash machines in France using an elaborate technique.

Firstly they would obstruct the surveillance cameras, then break-in the machine and connect to the internal system, they proceeded to then hack the ATMs.
They were arrested on February 3, 2022.

Since October 2021, a series of attacks on ATMs by the jackpotting method have been observed throughout the country.

This phenomenon, which appeared in France about 5 years ago, consists of hacking the computer system of ATMs to remove cash.

The first investigations of the gendarmes of units in the Centre-Val-de-Loire and Midi-Pyrénées made it possible, in November 2021, to identify a group in Eastern Europe likely to have committed 22 acts in both the gendarmerie and police zones. The damage is estimated at more than 300,000 euros.

The cyber section of the Paris prosecutor’s office takes up all the facts and entrusts the investigation to the Toulouse Research Section (S.R.) and the Auch Research Brigade (B.R.), in co-referral with OCLCTIC (Office Central de Lutte contre la Criminalité liée aux Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication) and the Lyon judicial police.

The operation by ComCyberGend (Command of the Gendarmerie in Cyberspace) of the computer media of the targeted distributors, the fine investigations of investigators and the exchange of information between the services make it possible to identify a member of the network, then in Eastern Europe.

On the morning of February 3, back on national territory, he was arrested with an accomplice in a hotel in the Vaucluse by the gendarmes of the S.R. of Toulouse, while they were involved in the commission of two new misdeeds.

At the same time, police officers from OCLCTIC and the DTPJ (Territorial Directorate of the Judicial Police) arrest three individuals linked to the other two. The searches allow the seizure of 70,000 euros in cash.