• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Revolver & bullets found in Birmingham park

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Mar 31, 2022

Police have seized a loaded gun that was stashed in a Birmingham park as part of our wider work to keep people safe in the city.
Officers from Project Guardian taskforce – a team focused on tackling youth violence – made the discovery in Witton Lane Gardens, Perry Barr just before 9am yesterday (28 March).
The antique revolver was wrapped in a towel inside a plastic bag and hidden in undergrowth.
It was loaded with six bullets. It’s a really significant find and has potentially saved lives.
The gun will be forensically examined and ballistically tested to see if we can link it to any shootings in the West Midlands or beyond.

The find came as part of a day of action in Aston by the taskforce that also included arrest attempts plus patrols – both on foot and in police cars – to keep people safe and look for crime suspects.
A 30-year-old man was arrested for breaching the conditions of his electronic tag and taken straight to court.
The Guardian Taskforce works around the clock to identify and arrest violent offenders – but also works with children and young people to divert them away from gangs and crime.