3 arrests after man shoots car on main road with shotgun in North London

Police say residents “dived for cover” after shots were fired at a vehicle in north London.

The Met says its officers were called to reports of a firearm being discharged in Park Lane in Tottenham on Friday evening.

CCTV posted on social media captured the moment a car reversed down Park Lane before hitting a parked car and speeding away.

At least one person can be seen on a pavement firing a gun at the fleeing vehicle as a second car comes into view and two people get out.

They are then seen running away and the second vehicle is left abandoned at the scene.

Armed police were called at 7.14pm on April 8 but there was no sign of any suspects or victims when they arrived.

However, the Met says two unnamed men have been arrested and charged following the incident while a third man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder was later released on bail.


The Met has confirmed that no one was injured although a senior officer says it is “incredibly fortunate” no members of the public were caught up in the incident and hurt.

Detective Inspector Gemma Alger, said: “This terrifying incident unfolded in a residential street in broad daylight and it is incredibly fortunate that no one was seriously injured or worse.

“There were members of the public who were going about their business as usual when they were caught in the midst of a firearms discharge and feared for their lives as they dived for cover.”

Police say residents can expect to see increased patrols in the area and Enfield and Haringey’s detective chief superintendent Caroline Haines have moved to reassure locals firearms discharges are “extremely rare”.

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