• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Police raid home and claim to have seized £1.5 million in cannabis

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May 12, 2022

Police officers seized around 30 bags of cannabis during a raid in Bromley, South East London. The Met carried out the operation on Wednesday, May 4, after a search warrant was issued for a property in Chislehurst.

At least seven officers took part in the action, and after searching the address, they found drugs with an estimated street value of £1.5 million. They then gathered up the drugs in opaque, orange-white bin liners.

Police involved in the operation posed for the camera with contraband from the raid in front of them. In the grainy shot, taken by Chislehurst Police, seven officers are seen standing against a wall and are almost overshadowed by the waist-high heap of sacks.

But its clear to see these are plants and not harvested cannabis, so to value a drug that hasnt yet been created as over £1 million is an extreme estimate to say the least.

Take account for the branches sticking out of the bags for example.

Are drug dealers selling branches now?

Taking to Twitter, MPS Chislehurst posted a photo and said: “On Wednesday officers from the Chislehurst police team took part in a warrant on an address where a total of £1.5 million of cannabis was seized.”