Knifeman jailed for attack on Jubilee line train caught on CCTV

A man has today been found guilty of attempted murder after an unprovoked attack on a passenger on a Jubilee Line tube near Green Park station. Body worn video shows the moment armed British Transport Police officers boarded the train and arrested the man at gunpoint.

The victim, a man in his 40s, was attacked with a knife, suffering wounds to his head, arm and leg, with some of the injuries being life changing. The incident happened at around 6.50pm on Friday 9 July 2021.

Ricky Morgan, aged 34, of no fixed address, launched the attack on a busy tube. He pulled the knife from his bag and began swinging at the victim. Witnesses scrambled to get away as the attack continued, with many falling over as they ran into other carriages.


The victim was severely injured but managed to escape into another carriage, blocking the door with other passengers, and leaving Morgan to pace the scene of the attack and the other adjoining carriage. The two men did not know each other and had never met.

From witness accounts, a reviewing of the CCTV footage and Morgan’s own account, it became clear that Morgan targeted the man specifically, and did not have an intention to attack or injure other members of the public.

While prone on the ground being handcuffed, the weapon he used to attack the victim seized along with a second knife, Morgan shouted to officers: “It’s not a [expletive] terrorist attack, I had a beef with someone”, and “It’s not a terrorist attack, I didn’t realise I [had] done it in a tunnel.” During interview he claimed he could not remember the incident, then refused to answer any further questions.


Morgan was charged with attempted murder and two counts of possessing an offensive weapon in a public place. He was found guilty of both offences today following a trial at the Old Bailey. He will be sentenced in on 22 July.

Detective Sergeant Nick Thompson, of the Major, Serious and Organised crime team at BTP, said: “This was a brutal and unprovoked attack. The two men had never spoken, never met, and had never crossed paths until that day. “Clearly it was terrifying situation for the victim, he was able to escape but this attack and the injuries he suffered continues to have a substantial impact on his life. “BTP firearms officers were soon at the scene, Morgan was subdued and taken into custody. He is evidently a danger to the public and the jury saw fit to ensure he faces consequences equal to the severity of this attack.”


In a statement, the victim – James Porritt – said:

“This trial has been another significant part of my healing process, since the attack on the 9th of July 2021. The events that took place on the Jubilee line train during rush hour, has changed my family, my girlfriend’s and my life forever; as well as every single person who witnessed the attack on the train that evening.

“It’s been a long and traumatic road that I have had to travel. I am still in the process of recovery. Until I reach that destination, it’s a road I continue to walk. The scars from this attack on my legs, elbow, arm, face/head and my entire right hand, will remain with me for the rest of my life. My surgeon is unable to determine if I will ever regain the full use of my right, dominant hand.


“I am indebted to my loved ones and the friends who have been a pilar of strength for me during my physical rehabilitation, in the months since the attack. The sedulousness of the British Transport Police Officers involved has been prodigious. I need to personally thank Detective Sergeant, Nick Thompson, who led on my case, his team and the Family Liaison Officer, PC Amy Cammidge. They have both been key in offering essential support and guidance during this legal process, that I was thrusted into. They have all been amazing to my loved ones and myself. I cannot sing their praises enough. 

“I would also like to thank all the other passengers who were on the train with me, for coming forward and giving evidence. My thoughts have been with you all, in your recovery from what you witnessed and experienced on that traumatic evening. 

“The verdict of this case will take some time to process, but I hope it will bring some closure to my loved ones and I; as well as the other passengers who were on the train with me. 

“I hope to be able to share the details of my story with a wider audience in the future, as this has been an eye opening journey so far. I do not know how, but some good must come from this experience.”

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