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Birmingham street ticketed for parking outside their own homes during Commonwealth

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Jul 29, 2022

Birmingham residents have been burdened with stress after a whole Edgbaston street was fined for their own cars outside their own houses!

A video received by scarcity-studios.com shows an angry Irish tenant ranting about the injustice while showing subscribers the tickets.

Since the opening of the games Perry Barr has also fell victim to being ticketed.

Perry Barr ward councillors Morriam Jan and Jon Hunt held an emergency meeting with Transport for West Midlands and member of the traffic warden department. They shared the results on social media on July 25 stating traffic wardens will be on patrol before and after Birmingham 2022 events. 

. They also said: “Residents who get tickets will have them cancelled. You may need to appeal but, we are promised, the appeal will be dealt with swiftly. Traffic wardens have been advised to be sensitive with residents and not just to slap tickets on vehicles.

“Traffic wardens will be available when vehicles block access and cause problems in roads outside the restricted zones and tow trucks may be used if the blockage is causing problems. This is the first time we have got a straight answer on this.


But why should residents have to go to these great lengths and why are they certain it will be swift when the issuing of the permits was delayed itself?

Tash Patel, 53, who lives on Cliveden Avenue said: “A lot of neighbours have complained to me. There is so much confusion as people are getting ticketed even with parking permits, this is making everyone very nervous for the games.

Perry Barr residents are furious after they were handed parking tickets despite having Birmingham 2022 parking permits. They live close to the Alexander Stadium which will host the opening and closing ceremonies as well as athletics, but were told they could continue to park on their street as long as they had a parking permit. 

But this week people living in the area have complained on social media about fines slapped on car windshields despite permits on display. According to locals it has occurred during opening ceremony dress rehearsals on roads including Rocky Lane and Derrydown Road, close to Alexander Stadium.

After welcoming the Queen’s Baton Relay ahead of the start of the Commonwealth Games, Sutton Coldfield will once again take centre stage on the first day of competition. The men’s and women’s triathlon events will be held on Friday, July 29, meaning a number of road closures will be in place to allow the athletes to compete. 

The triathlon sees athletes swim 750 metres in Sutton Park’s Powells Pool starting from a purpose-built pontoon. Then follows a 20km cycle, with laps of the streets of Boldmere, starting off down Stonehouse Road, then Boldmere Road, before turning down Antrobus Road,

Road closures will be in place in the build-up to and during the events. Roads will be closed from 6am to 6pm on each triathlon day (Friday, July 29 and Sunday, July 31) and in particular, those within the ‘field of play – a section of Monmouth Drive, Boldmere Road, Antrobus Road, Oakwood Road, Jockey Road and Darnick Road will not be able to move their cars during the closure period. There are some additional closures along Wyndley Lane, Monmouth Drive, Jockey Road, Gate Lane, Fir Tree Grove and Plants Close for the same period.


The triathlons are some of the few Commonwealth Games events members of the public can watch for free without a ticket. Both the cycle route on the streets of Boldmere and the running route in Sutton Park are free to access (as long as you get there early enough in the case of the inner side of the cycling route).

For the cycling, Wylde Green Station will be the nearest, while for the running, Sutton Coldfield station and a walk through the park may get you the best vantage point to watch the triathletes on their final leg of their races. You may also be able to access the running area via Wylde Green Station if you are early enough.

There were just 2,000 tickets to be in the middle of the event with sight of the finish line and Powell’s Pool for the swimming and they have been snapped up. Portaloos are also in place around the course for spectators to use during the two triathlon days.

Prince Charles opened the games yesterday alongside a giant metal bull.

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