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Garda suspended after evidence of drug smuggling connections found

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Aug 2, 2022

A garda based in the east of the country has been suspended from the force for alleged links to drug gangs.

The Sunday Independent reports that the officer’s home was searched as part of an investigation into drugs trafficking.

The raid was carried out by members from the Anti Corruption Unit and the officer has been suspended by Garda Headquarters as a result.

While no drugs were discovered at his home, enough potential evidence was found to allegedly link him to criminals involved in drug trafficking.

An investigation remains underway.

Figures submitted by An Garda Siochana to the Policing Authority have revealed that 115 members of the force are currently suspended from the force for disciplinary breaches such as drug misuse, sex assaults and violence.

The figures seen by the Sunday Independent were submitted by An Garda Siochana to the Policing Authority two weeks ago.


17 members of the force were suspended for “sexual offences” while a further 17 were stood down following theft and forgery allegations.

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