Encrochat gangsters made a £1million off cannabis

Two major drug dealers involved in deals worth more than £1.3 million for cocaine and cannabis have been jailed for a combined 15 years.

Chris Morrison and John Nevin are the latest high level players involved in organised crime to be jailed by Bedfordshire Police’s specialist Operation Costello.

Encrypted messages showed Morrison arranging a £350,000 deal to buy 10 kilos of cocaine, which would have a potential street value of around £1 million

Messages exchanged between Morrison and Nevin, meanwhile, highlighted more than £1 million in cash the pair made from selling cannabis.

Morrison and Nevin were communicating over the encrochat network, a series of encrypted devices that was used exclusively by criminals until international law enforcement cracked the system.

The Operation Costello team carried out enforcement in November and arrested the pair following a coordinated series of warrants.


Police found around £70,000 in cash concealed at Niven’s address.

Morrison, 39, of Church Road, Slip End, Luton, pleaded guilty to conspiracies to supply both Class A and Class B drugs, as well as being concerned in the use of criminal property.

On Wednesday (24 August) at Luton Crown Court he was jailed for 11 years and three months.

Nevin, 44, of Half Moon Lane, Pepperstock, Luton, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply Class B drugs and was jailed for three years and nine months.

Investigation Officer Christopher Seddon, who led the investigation, said: “Morrison and Niven have acted with a brazen impunity which should anger anyone who makes an honest living.

“These two men have been involved in drug deals worth astronomical sums of money.


“They have profited on a huge scale from a lawless trade which ruins lives, fuels and funds crime across the board and causes damage to communities here in Bedfordshire every single day.

“It is especially galling to read about their activities at the height of a cost of living crisis.

“Drug dealers on this scale must be stopped. That is what everyone working on Operation Costello is committed to do.”

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