Ross stabbed his new girlfriend 14 times and put her in passenger seat of his car

Evil Ross McCullam searched the internet for pornography and looked up details of serial killers in the hours after he disposed Megan Newborough’s body.

Police found he conducted online searches linked to serial killer Levi Bellfield, Soham killer Ian Huntley and Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe.

Asked why he had made the searches and sent messages to Ms Newborough’s phone despite knowing she was dead, McCullam said: “At the time I was being delusional. It was almost like a fantasy world.

“I just cringe when I remember it and I hate what I have done.”

Ross even called Megan’s phone pretending to be concerned for her welfare after he murdered her in cold blood.

A Coalville man who strangled his work colleague has been found guilty of her murder.

On the evening of Friday 6 August last year, 23-year-old Megan Newborough visited Ross McCullum at his home in Windsor Close. However, she did not return home and her family – with who she lived in Nuneaton – reported her missing to Warwickshire Police the following day.


They stated she had gone to go for a walk with a man from work, called Ross.

On Saturday 7 August, McCullum was spoken to by officers on the phone and told them Megan had been to see him, but left that evening. He said had not heard from her since.

However, using a tracking app, her family identified that her phone appeared to be in Hermitage Road, Whitwick. As a result, they and police located it. Officers then went to Windsor Close and arrested McCullum on suspicion of kidnap.

He was asked by officers if he could say where Megan was. He told them she was dead and that her body had been left in Charley Road in Woodhouse Eaves. Officers were immediately deployed to the area and found her in a remote area, underneath an overgrown hedgerow.


McCullum was further arrested on suspicion of murder and the investigation was passed to detectives from the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU).

In interview, he told officers he had strangled her before cutting her throat.

Ross’s bedroom

He told police he had then placed her body in the passenger seat of her car and drove off from his home, disposing of her phone before depositing Megan’s body at the spot where it was found. He then continued driving, eventually arriving in Loughborough where he abandoned the vehicle and returned home.

On 10 August, McCullum was charged with Megan’s murder.

McCullum, 30, denied the offence but pleaded guilty to manslaughter. However today (Monday 12 December)) at Leicester Crown Court, following a trial spanning several weeks, he was convicted of her murder.

The senior investigating officer from EMSOU – Detective Inspector Jenni Heggs – said: “First and foremost, my deepest and most sincere condolences remain with Megan’s family.

“Today’s outcome is the end of a lengthy trial which recounted in great detail the weeks and days leading up to her death – and McCullum’s attempts to cover up his actions.

“He has never been able to give a full explanation of why he killed Megan. This, without doubt, has caused further pain to her family and friends.

“She was only 23, with her whole life ahead of her and I know those who knew her are still struggling to come to terms with what happened. I hope today’s outcome provides them with a degree of closure.”

McCullum will be sentenced at Leicester Crown Court on Friday (16 December).

The family of Megan Newborough have released the following statement:

“We simply don’t know where to begin. “We’re a large, close-knit family and our lives have been well and truly ripped apart.

“Megan shone like a star to everyone she came into contact with. She excelled at work and was an enthusiastic dancer, teaching children of all ages. She had a bright future ahead of her.

“Megan was only 23 when she was killed – she was just days away from her 24th birthday and was about to move into her own house. We’ve still got things she’d bought and items she was going to take with her, which serve as a cruel reminder.

“It’s difficult to put into words the feeling we have knowing we won’t see our daughter, sister, granddaughter and cousin prosper as a young adult.

“We’re extremely grateful for the love and support given by those closest to us, but we’re still living in a nightmare.

“Having a knock at your door in the early hours of the morning to say a loved one is dead is something nobody should ever have to deal with. At that moment, our hearts were shattered beyond repair. Again, it’s almost impossible to describe how numb you become. You’re unable to think, sleep or function properly.

“Megan’s story is our story – we’re the ones serving the life sentence.

“She was an incredibly good judge of character. She knew who she could and couldn’t trust. She left home that night in a very happy mood. The thought of what happened to her just hours later – and the evil facing her – is something we can’t escape.

“The same thoughts constantly go around in our heads – should we have known? Is there anything we could’ve done? We’re still overcome with guilt for not protecting her.

“Everything still doesn’t seem real and when we’re at home, we still expect Megan to walk through the front door. It’s an expectation we don’t think will ever leave us.”

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