Promotion prices for Scarcity Studios

  1. Thank you for enquiring about promotion with
  2. We aim to create a bespoke advert with effective promotion to encourage real engagement to accomplish the goals you have in mind for your brand, artist or business.
  3. There are multiple packages available across all platforms, each page generates millions of views per month.
  4. Our tik tok does an average of 10 million views a month.


  1.  YouTube does an average of 3million views per months and 100k watch hours.
  2. The website, facebook, instagram and twitter have also done millions of views each month + more in impressions and is a brilliant way to promote a local business to the loyal viewers.
  3. Intro adverts start from £150 multiple adverts will be discounted.

Package 1 

  • Single post to instagram story and feed : £100
  1. Multiple posts across a month to instagram story and feed is £400 that will include 5 posts on days you choose and time. (no voiceover)

Package 2

  • Cross platform promotion with voiceover, this includes instagram post, tik tok and youtube intro advert x 3
  • Price – £400

Package 3 

  • A custom edited video with graphics and voiceover by
  • This will be shared on all platforms and the full version will be yours to share as you like and can be maximum 30 seconds long.

Price – £300

Website banner advert

  1. This package is available for weekly or monthly slots.
  2. 1 WEEK banner advert is £200
  3. 1 month is £500

For any other custom packages please just ask for more information or email [email protected]


Thank you for your support.

D Hone.







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