Brum Dad disarms man after being stabbed by online troll in real life attack

A fearless father from Birmingham disarmed a raging knifeman after being stabbed when an online troll became a real life attacker.

Camera footage filmed inside R.K Mini Market at 9:30pm on Willoughby Lane in Tottenham, north London shows the Dad who we will refer to from his social media @birminghambully (based on his love of XL Bullies) putting the knifeman in a choke hold and inflicting punishing body blows in order disarm the imminent threat.

The knife is seen in the video which is shown on the channel and was shared by the man defending himself online.



Meet me

Scarcity was able to obtain the first interview with the brave father to find out what really happened and enlighten viewers

During a intriguing conversation he told me he was in London visiting his girlfriend Last Thursday and was using a social media application called Meet Mewhich is similar to Tik Tok and allows live streaming-  moments before the attack took place the victim was talking to other users and had noticed a regular Troll was trying to get his attention.


The troll persisted to make threats along the lines of the Brummie “not being allowed to visit the area” which the troll deemed he controlled.

The Brummie continued about his day and visited a local shop which was the moment the attacker struck, attempting to stab the Brum dad 3 times!!

Luckily a protective vest he was wearing prevented the knife penetrating and causing serious injury.

He then quickly began to try to disarm the attacker by punching him and this sent the knife across the shop.

The attacker tried to get the weapon back and crawled across the floor according to the man defending himself.

The suspect proceeded to grab the blade end of the knife off the floor, which resulted in him cutting his cut and the blood you see in the main video.


The attacker then fled the scene empty handed and no police attended and no report was filed.

Protective vest

From having the chance to speak to “Birmingham Bully” I wanted to know why he wore a stab proof vest and the question itself reminded me of the stigma associated to protective vests and I wondered if our immediate association to “gangster movies” and “gangster music” had made many feel the very use of the vests meant you are guilty of being involved in criminality of some sort.

The father began to explain his reason stemmed from being stabbed when he was younger and noticing how quick people nowadays turn to weapons instead of using their fists.

He even referenced the story of Karl Gallagher who was stabbed to death in Smethwick in 2020 and the video of the murder went viral. The Brom dad recalled that triggered PTSD symptoms and furthered his belief that if he didn’t want to carry a weapon himself then he must at least protect himself from harm.

The logic of his argument I struggled to contest and he was certainly making valid points on if protective clothing should be more acceptable and less stigmatised?


The company that provided the vest is and the Brummie told me it was stab and small calibre bullet proof.

Safeguard say on their website that

“Our exclusive materials and trademark approach place SafeGuard Armour at the forefront of body armour distributors worldwide.


With protective vests becoming more normal in industries that deal with the public (bailiffs, bouncers) then  should more people consider it as a option if you live in a dangerous area.?


The ONS publishes data on police recorded crime involving a knife or sharp instrument for a selection of serious violent offences. In the year ending March 2022, there were around 45,000 (selected) offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales (excluding Greater Manchester Police Force).  This was 9% higher than in 2020/21 and 34% higher than in 2010/11. Recent trends in knife crime have been affected by undercounting in the Greater Manchester Police Force area prior to 2018/19. Increases in recorded offences since 2018/19 are directly related with improvements in recording practices.

The number of knife or sharp instrument offences recorded by the police in London rose to approximately 11,122 in 2021/22, compared with 10,150, which had the fewest number of knife crimes in a reporting year since 2015/16, when there were 9,752 offences

With a record number knife related crime and police admitting they are struggling to cope with the violence is it time the public defended each other and stopped relying on delayed ambulances and overworked and understaffed police forces?

Online Trolls

According to recent studies Internet trolls might be more dangerous than you think. In fact, some of them have even become stalkers in real life.

The first serious study regarding this growing phenomenon on the Internet was conducted by Mark D. Griffiths of Nottingham Trent University (UK). He concluded that the impact of trolls can be devastating among some internet users who don’t understand or assimilate such gratuitous aggression.

Research has continued on the subject. A recently published article reported the first systematic review of the relationship between everyday sadism and aggression, including trolling behavior. The researchers analyzed 37 full-text articles comprising 50 studies on the subject of sadism and aggression. All the studies were completed between 2013 and 2020. Of these studies, 20 examined everyday sadism and aggression via an online platform. The total number of participants was 22,179. Four self-report measures were used to measure trait sadism. These were the SSIS, CAST, VAST, and the ASP. A number of measures were used to assess the outcome of aggression. They included self-report measures and lab-based aggression paradigms.

For aggressive behavior not perpetrated online, the studies examined trait aggression, reactive aggression, proactive aggression, anger toward others, aggressive humor, bullying behavior, hazing behavior, antisocial behavior, same-sex aggression, conflict within intimate relationships, radicalized behavior and violence, and criminal attitudes. In addition, they examined sexual aggression. This included intimate partner violence, sexual coercion, and completed rape.

The dangers of online streaming are real and it is something that needs to be addressed.

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