Stourbridge shotgun murder was over £175 drug debt court hears

John Jones, 36, known as one of two ‘Gummy Twins’, was shot in the chest in his Caslon Crescent home, in Norton, Stourbridge and his younger brother Sebastian was repeatedly stabbed, but survived the attack on February 25 last year at 7.40pm.

Paul Jones, John’s identical twin brother, said: “We’re all in denial. It doesn’t feel real, but maybe that’s a good thing…you don’t believe it.”

Paying tribute to his brother, he said: “John would help anybody. He was a nice, bubbly, caring person who had his demons. He’s going to be missed.”

He hit out at social media commentators who he claims have posted “untrue” comments about himself and John, who were known as the ‘Gummy Twins’ in their youth.

He said: “My brother had a different lifestyle but he wasn’t a bad guy, he was caught in a rut.

“We’re all distraught at what’s happened.”


The court heard a masked gunman believed to be Talware killed John who they believe was a drug addict after shooting him at point-blank range in his family home over a ‘mere £175 debt’.

John Jones, 36, was discovered slumped in his bedroom after being shot by a killer who allegedly said words to the effect of: “You think you can take the p***?”

His younger brother was also knifed four times and left with blood seeping through his wounds, but survived. Six people – including three teenagers – are currently on trial over the murder, allegedly carried out to settle an outstanding drugs debt.

Ravi Talware, Kevin Waldron and three youths allegedly entered the house and attacked the brothers while Scott Garrington allegedly assisted the enterprise.

At the hearing on Tuesday the jury was shown the cache of weapons recovered following the shooting, including a gun cartridge magazine, a shortened dark brown single-load shotgun, an imitation Glock air pistol, two large knives and a black bag.

The trial previously heard that the magazine was found outside the house at the scene, but the bag and the other items were found dumped in a wheelie bin by the residents at a property 16 miles away, in Northwood Park Road, in Bushbury, in Wolverhampton. DNA from one of the youths, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and two other individuals were found on the bag’s handles.

All six defendants deny murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, wounding and possessing the firearms. Talware, 32, of Cavalier Circus, Bushbury, Wolverhampton; Waldron, 41, and Garrington, 51, both of Bridgnorth Road, Wollaston, also deny perverting the course of justice.


The three youths missed Tuesday’s hearing due to a crash on the M6, which prevented them from being transported to Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Pleas for mercy

The victim was said to have held his hands up and out to his side before replying, “It’s not like that”. The gunman ‘took aim’ and fired towards John Jones before lowering the weapon and leaving the room, Mr Heywood alleged.

Jurors were also told how Sebastian Jones was in the living room of the property, which he was using as a bedroom, when he spotted four ‘masked figures’. One suspect was holding a pistol, while the others were reportedly armed with knives.

Dad David Jones was in his bedroom watching television when he peeked out and spotted a masked figure emerging from his son’s bedroom, donning dark clothing and gloves. He could see his eyes and the colour of his skin, the court was told.

The masked man – who was gripping a gun – allegedly said he would kill anyone if they ‘grassed’. Mr Jones said, “Don’t shoot me”, with the gunman replying, “I ain’t going to shoot you Dave”.

Mr Heywood added: “He recognised that the gunman was Talware, who he knew as a drug dealer who had been supplying his son John with heroin for some time. He went back upstairs and found John’s body slumped on the floor.

“He could immediately see he had a hole in his chest and shoulder area. It was immediately apparent that John was dead,” Mr Heywood said.

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