Harlesden man tried to break into woman’s home after chasing her

This is the shocking moment an attacker tried to smash his way into a home after chasing a woman who he assaulted on the street.

The woman was on Facetime with a friend when she was randomly attacked by Gulwali Stanezay, 22, on February 26 in Harlesden, northwest London.

Terrified, she managed to flee into a stranger’s home who bravely provided shelter for her.

The footage – taken from two cameras at the side and above their door – then shows Stanezay taking long runs up to the door to try and kick it down.

When this doesn’t work he smashes one of the cameras using a D-lock and then uses that to hit the glass windows on the front of the door.

The homeowner inside can be heard screaming ‘Christ’ as Stanezay smashes the door for more than one minute.


Towards the end of the video a police officer arrives and says: ‘We did our best to find him and we chased after him….and we couldn’t find him.’

He also explained how the police were very busy that night because Wembley Stadium had been hosting the Carabao Cup final between Manchester United and Newcastle United.

Speaking in March, the brave homeowner told the Mirror: ‘They kept saying they cannot give me an estimated time of arrival due to an event at Wembley.

‘I’m definitely traumatised now. You can feel it kind of slowly creeping in.

‘When we’re on the phone, we got no empathy from the call handler.

‘And then when police did arrive they drove in the opposite direction down the road of where everyone was pointing to where the man had gone.’

When the police did get to the scene, the householder claimed the first thing they did was inspect the scene outside.


She went on to claim that attending officers didn’t ask her about any CCTV, such as her door camera, until 40 minutes later.

Before the 22-year-old started to smash through the door, the friend on Facetime to the woman was able to contact her father who went out looking for her.

He eventually came across Stanezay and was punched by him.

Stanezay was arrested on March 1, three days after police were called to reports of two people assaulted and vehicles damaged at the location.

He has since pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated bodily harm and two counts of criminal damage, which now means this horrifying footage can be released.

After being remanded ahead of sentencing on July 6, he will be sentenced at Harrow Crown Court on July 6.

At the time, the woman told the Mirror that while the ordeal traumatised her she didn’t feel any ‘malice’ towards him and hoped he gets the ‘care that he needs’.

More than 200,000 burglaries – almost 600 a day – went unsolved by police last year, shocking figures revealed in April.

Crime statistics published by the Government showed 77 per cent of cases were closed by police in England and Wales with no suspect identified.

It means that 209,424 domestic break-ins, or 574 a day, went unsolved, the analysis of official data by the Liberal Democrats revealed.

Separate Home Office data showed only 5.1 per cent of ‘violence against the person’ offences led to a suspect being taken to court. For robbery the figure was 6.6 per cent and for thefts 4.3 per cent.

Across all types of crime reported last year, just 5.6 per cent led to a suspect being charged or summonsed – roughly the same as the previous year. A further 4 per cent led to the offender being given a ‘slap on the wrist’ punishment.

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