Off duty officer disarmed gunman in west midlands shooting

The dramatic footage shows the brave actions of the Birmingham special constable as he disarmed a suspected gunman moments after a gunshot was fired.

Special Officer Abdullah Bin Imad was on his way to get some food on Friday when he saw two men acting suspiciously.

After becoming increasingly concerned about the behaviour, the off-duty police officer moved into a coffee shop to phone 999.

Seconds later, a shot was fired, and Special Officer Imad ran out of the shop detained one of the men, and recovered a firearm.

Abdullah, 22, who is an electrical engineer, said: “I wanted the suspect off the streets and as far away from the public as possible.

“I was worried for other people’s safety because of what – from my point of view – I believed it to be a live and viable firearm.”

CCTV footage shows Abdullah wrestling to restrain the man and keep the gun out of reach until armed officers arrived minutes later.


Deputy superintendent Jim Munro, from Birmingham Police, said: “Abdullah showed extreme bravery and didn’t waste any time putting his training to effect.

“He saw there was a potential threat to public safety and did the right thing by phoning for assistance. When the gun was fired, there’s no way he would have known that it was not a live firearm.”

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