Birmingham man sold guns to gangsters for murder plots

A gunman who made deadly ammunition in the bedroom of his family home has been jailed for more than 14 years in another success in our fight against organised crime.

Jordan Geoghegan proudly took selfies showing him holding a machine gun and a handgun, and boasted in text messages of being able to buy cheap guns from America and how he planned to kill someone with a shotgun.

Our investigation established that the 23-year-old was offering to sell everything from revolvers to assault rifles.

We also found evidence that the ammunition he was offering was made directly by him.

Geoghegan was arrested at his home in Summerlee Road, Erdington. At his home, we found tools needed to repurpose blank firing ammunition into lethal bullets, along with shotgun cartridges and bullet casing.

Searches of his mobile phones uncovered video footage of him showing off guns, on one occasion while walking in public, as well as text message conversations indicating he was able to sell guns.


Here are some of the text messages that helped us convict Geoghegan. They show him chatting to others about acquiring bullets and weapons, and even killing one person:

“Got some drams with my bredwin gonna smoke him been tryna fix my dottie (shotgun) to smoke him can you get me 20 gauge slugs need them asap!”

“Need a pocket rocket for tomorrow g if you got one cheap that slaps.”

“12 double barrel, Model 27 semi auto MK sten…. There (sic) the kinda things I can get aha just don’t tell no one.”

Geoghegan went on to admit possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition and being involved in the sale or transfer of ammunition.

Yesterday at Birmingham Crown Court he was jailed for 14.5 years.


Others who Geohegan were in contact with have been investigated, with one person jailed for five years for possession of a firearm.

One of the guns in the video was recovered and was found to be a viable firearm. It is not clear if the others were real or imitation.

Det Ch Insp Peter Cooke, from the Regional Organised Crime Unit, said: “Geoghegan was what was known in the criminal world as a ‘clean skin’ – with no criminal record.

This obviously gave him some confidence that he could carry on his illegal operation undetected.

“He was wrong. A thorough investigation found traces of his DNA found on the bullets, as well as numerous mobile phone videos showing him handling guns.

“The text messages he was exchanging with other criminals show he was serious and committed to the trade in illegal firearms he was.

“He had the tools, knowledge and skills to produce large quantities of live ammunition which would certainly have made their way into the hands of criminals who use illegal firearms on the streets of Birmingham.

“We are absolutely committed to tackling serious and organised crime in the West Midlands and will use all of our tactics and powers to bring those involved in it to justice.”

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