500 cannabis plants and 2 arrests in Coventry raid

Officers have closed down a substantial cannabis farm in Coventry.

Officers from the Stoke and Wyken neighbourhood team were called to Woodway Lane yesterday (14 September) after reports of a strong smell of cannabis from a property.

When they arrived, they found more than 500 plants and arrested two men.

A 24-year-old man and a 19-year-old man were both arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis and abstracting electricity.

Upon further inspection, the officers also found the electricity supply had been bypassed.

Officers remained at the scene throughout yesterday and into this morning to help dispose of the plants and make the scene safe.

The two men arrested remain in custody at this time.


Cannabis farms pose a significant risk, not only from the criminality associated with drug production, but because of the dangers associated with re-routing the electricity.

A number of catastrophic house fires have been caused by the presence of a cannabis farm.

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