Coventry pair lured pensioner to flat where he was murdered and robbed

A woman and a teenage boy who lured a pensioner to his death in Coventry have been jailed for murder.

Antoinette Sheppard and Kieron Spicer murdered Michael Brady at an address in Bowness Close, Coventry on 18 June last year.

Spicer’s name was allowed to be published by the judge at sentencing, following a prosecution application.

Sheppard, 44, has been jailed for a minimum of 30 years while Spicer, 17 was sentenced to 18 years.












The court heard how Sheppard befriended Mr Brady, who was 74 at the time of his death and lured him to her home.

CCTV showed Mr Brady entering Sheppard’s address shortly after 6pm. Upon entering, the pair inflicted a horrific series of injuries on Mr Brady.

After killing Mr Brady, the pair put his body in a large TV box, dragging it to an external shed to hide.

Sheppard and the boy then stole Mr Brady’s bank card, taking it to a nearby shop and withdrawing more than £300 to buy alcohol.

The police were then called, leading to Sheppard’s arrest. Spicer was arrested later on.

In interview, both suspects blamed each other for Mr Brady’s death, claiming they each tried to stop the other.

During their trial, phone messages were shown in which Sheppard and Spicer discussed inflicting violence on someone.

One message from Spicer said: “I am on one. I am going to hurt people.”

Following concerns from members of the public, police were called to the address. When they arrived, they searched the shed, finding Mr Brady’s body and arresting Sheppard, 44, on suspicion of murder.

Spicer phoned Sheppard at this time and, when officers answered, said: “If you want to speak to me, you’ll have to find me.”

Spicer, now 17, was later found after he told a social worker he had been asked to hide a body.

The court heard how Sheppard had groomed Spicer to commit offences and how neither defendant showed any remorse.

A victim statement from Mr Brady’s family said: “We do not understand; nor will we ever understand the violence shown to my dad, a vulnerable, ailing, gentle man who trusted people.

“Telling my family, friends, and work colleagues that my dad had been murdered was surreal and devastating.

“The words feeling foreign when they left my mouth. It is still difficult now to say the words out loud.

“Prior to all of this my dad was a kind man, generous and hardworking, he loved to laugh and had many friends.”

Detective Inspector Jim Colclough said: “This was a tragic case of a vulnerable man being killed by people he thought he could trust.

“This was a planned and pre-meditated act of violence, with messages exchanged between both defendants discussing what they were going to do.

“Not only did they murder Mr Brady, but they were both perfectly content to try and blame each other for it.

“We hope Mr Brady’s family will take some closure from this and that justice has been done.”


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