Gunman shot at victim from e bike after waiting in bushes outside pub

A gunman has been jailed for 32 years for attempted murder after chasing his terrified victim down a street before unleashing a flurry of gunshots.

Hayden Frost then jumped on an e-bike to flee from the scene while his victim was left with bullet wounds to his neck.

Frost was sentenced to 32 years in prison at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday (Wed). He was convicted of attempted murder and possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence during a trial which ended this week.

Frost, aged 26, from Laburnum Avenue, Solihull, left his home on the evening of September 9 last year dressed in dark clothing and carrying a man bag. Jumping on his e-bike he travelled to the Marston Green Tavern, Marston Green, where his victim was out with friends.












Shortly after 11pm, Frost followed the man to the Iron Horse Pub, on the Flaxley Road, where he was caught on CCTV hiding in a bush and watching his movements as he socialised with friends.

The man decided to carry on with his celebrations at the nearby house of a friend and got in a car where he drove to Craneberry Road, Chelmsley Wood.

Frost pursued him on his e-bike and as he got out of his car, Frost went and hid in a nearby alleyway, where he watched the movements of his intended target.

In the early hours of September 10 and as the man separated from friends and walked to a nearby cashpoint, Frost emerged and chased him discharging multiple gunshots towards his head before fleeing on his e-bike.

The incident was captured on CCTV footage and ultimately led to Frost’s arrest and conviction.

His victim suffered a gunshot wound to the neck, with the bullet travelling down to his right shoulder where fragments of the bullet still remain. As well as physical injuries he was also left with psychological scars including fearing being left on his own when out in public.

Our officers worked tirelessly on the case and studied many hours of CCTV footage as well as studying mobile phone calls. We were able to identify Frost and he was arrested on 25 September.

The motive for the attack remains a mystery.

Detective Inspector Francis Nock, from the Major Crime Team, said: “We are delighted with the sentence. Frost was calculating, dressed in black he followed his victim on an e-bike, where he hid and waited for him to be alone and vulnerable. He then carried out what must have been a terrifying attack on is victim who was forced to run for his life as bullets were discharged. He was not only left with physical injuries but has to deal with the psychological effects as well.

“The judge commended the work of our investigating officers and in particular DC Bloxam who carried out an in depth CCTV investigation which led to identifying Frost and ultimately his arrest and conviction in court. We will never know the motive for this senseless attack but maybe during the many years Frost will spend in prison he will reflect on his actions and we may eventually get to know the truth.

“Guns have no place on the streets of the West Midlands and this sentence sends out a clear message that people who do carry weapons and decide to use them will face many years behind bars.”




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