man arrested for £100 million UK to Dubai money transfer network

A man suspected of being a key figure in an international money laundering network responsible for moving tens of millions of pounds out of the UK has been arrested by the National Crime Agency in London. Czech national Zdenek Kamaryt, 38, was also stopped at Heathrow in November 2020. He was attempting to board a flight to Dubai carrying £1.4 million. Kamaryt pleaded guilty to money laundering and was sentenced to 26 months in March this year. So far 21 additional suspected couriers linked to the network have been interviewed by NCA investigators. Ten have been arrested, eight in a series of raids in May this year. All were later released under investigation. NCA senior investigating officer Ian Truby said: “The man arrested today is suspected of having played a key role in the movement of tens of millions of pounds of criminal cash out of the UK, where it could be laundered to invest in further criminality.

“The criminal network we allege he was involved in is one of the biggest of its kind we have investigated, paying couriers thousands to carry millions of pounds at a time rammed into suitcases. “This type of activity is the lifeblood of organised crime, which cannot function without it. “The man arrested on suspicion of money laundering today remains in custody being questioned by the NCA and our investigation continues.”

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