Balsall heath ram raid by armed gang

Police are investigating after a ram raid at a jewellery shop on Ladypool Road, Birmingham, this afternoon.

We were called to the store at around 12.20pm. Fortunately, no one was in the store at the time, so there have been no injuries reported to us. Significant damage was caused to the shop in the ram raid.

Three vehicles believed to have been involved in the ram raid have since been recovered and we are working with the shop owner to establish exactly what was taken.

Our investigations are in the early stages and we are working to identify the people responsible.

Footage shows the moment that armed robbers smashed throgh the store door of Danyaal jewellers and they ran inside and apparently stole a lot of jewellery- nobody was injured witnesses said and locals sent the footage from the scene there is also some cctv footage that shows the moment the thieves actually leave.

Alot of damage was done to the store that is in the Balsall heath area on Ladypool road in Birmingham.

There was a large police response as well and i went down to the scene and we got some footage for the subscribers and it shows the situation as it is right now – all the local roads are going to be cut off and the video footage there shows one of the thieves actually making the getaway on foot, while the rest of them left in a vehicle.


Locals said that they witnessed the incident and that it happened at around 1pm this afternoon and the thieves made their getaway in what seemed to be a highway maintenance vehicle of some sort and they was quickly chased by another vehicle who locals believe potentially may have been involved in the actual incident.

After they left, passer-by then went inside the jewellery store to see the damage.

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