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South African gang threatens Birmingham family online

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Mar 23, 2022

Police are investigating four videos in which a supposed armed South African gang threaten to murder the parents of an apparent rival in Birmingham

In one video, a man with a handgun talks into the camera while apparently outside the parents’ home.

Five masked gang members are seen in another video making threats to the target.

One of the men says: “Let me tell you something about us here in South Africa man. We don’t play, we kill.

“You think we can’t get you…? Even in England we can get you my man.”

He continues by saying the target has been talking bout the gang’s members in England. He adds: “We gonna kill you.”

In the video, the gang members show phone footage of a video seemingly taken near a Birmingham house, and one of the men says: “This is your mother and father’s house.”

He adds that if the target crosses them again, “we gonna go and kill you… your mother and father.”

“This is how we do it my man. Don’t play with us.”

In the separate video, where the gunman says he is outside the parent’s home, he says to the gang leaders: “Yo bro I’m here. Just waiting for your green light to knock on the door and light up whoever it is.”Video footage of a named Birmingham road is shown in another video, with what appears to be the gunman’s car driving up to a property. 

We are not naming the road or the area of Birmingham concerned.

It is understood there is not thought to be any South African gang presence in Birmingham.West Midlands Police said officers were investigating the videos. 

A statement said: “We’ve been made aware of the videos and are making enquiries in a bid to try and identify the source to understand and mitigate any potential threat. “