2.5 Tonnes of hashish seized in Spanish police drone chase

The Civil Guard and the Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax Agency have seized more than 2,600 kilos of hashish in two operations carried out in the province of Huelva. Within the framework of both operations, two people have been arrested and another two identified, as well as 16 vehicles and two weapons seized.

The first operation began on April 19 with the detection by the Integrated External Surveillance System (SIVE) of a semi-rigid boat, known as ‘narcolanchas’, entering the mouth of the Carreras River, in the province of Huelva.

This ‘narcolancha’ was joined by a sports boat, which received the cargo from the semi-rigid boat and moved the merchandise to land for later transport in a van. At all times, the operation was monitored by the agents, who intervened when the merchandise was already in a ‘nursery’ located on a farm near the marshes of the Pozo del Camino district.

The narcotic substance was seized on this farm, weighing 1,353 kilos, as well as two ammunition weapons, 16 vehicles and various documentation. After the intervention of the narcotic substance, the investigators identified two people.

The second operation took place on May 24, when investigators detected the presence of a van suspected of transporting narcotic substances. Given this circumstance, the vehicle was stopped, whose driver ignored the instructions and fled.

After a chase through the Punta del Moral neighborhood in Ayamonte (Huelva), the drug traffickers were forced to abandon the vehicle and their cargo and flee across fields through the area of ​​the town’s marshes.

The result of this second operation has resulted in the intervention of 39 bales of hashish resin with a total weight of 1,300 kilos, and the arrest of two people for a crime of smuggling and against public health. The investigation is still open, so new arrests are not ruled out in the coming days.


The Court of First Instance and Instruction number 5 of the Huelva town of Ayamonte, who coordinates the judicial proceedings together with the Special Anti-drug Prosecutor of Huelva, hears both cases.

These interventions are the result of the intensification of the work against smuggling and drug trafficking carried out by the Customs Surveillance officials of the Tax Agency and Civil Guard agents on the Huelva coast.

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