Acapella club shooting wasn’t reported to police

A popular city centre bar has been forced to close after a man was shot in the leg during a packed event last weekend.

It happened at Acapella bar in the Jewellery Quarter at around 3am on Sunday 10 December.

Police officers were only made aware of the shooting when the victim arrived at hospital. Staff at the premises on Frederick Street also made an effort to clean up the crime scene prior to police turning up.

A Birmingham City Council licensing report reads: “A person had brought a handgun into the Acapella premises whilst it was open. The firearm was then discharged inside the premises, causing a serious injury to a person (on the leg).

“This was a serious crime, by virtue of the potential maximum sentence on conviction being life imprisonment.

“It was the advice of the police that a complete absence of management control had led to the incident; of particular note was the suggestion that nobody from the premises had alerted the police.

“In fact, the matter had only come to police attention when the injured party arrived at hospital after the incident. The police advised that they had been told that the discharge of the firearm had occurred ‘in a raised area upstairs at the premises’.



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