3 men jailed for shooting 2 kids on Wolverhampton park

On May 1, 2023, the three defendants used a stolen Ford Focus to scope out the Shelley Park area of Wolverhampton, seeking a rival group who were also armed.

Durnin was the driver of the stolen car, with McIntosh in the front seat and De-Sousa sat in the back when they drove to Shelley Road armed with handguns.

Their intended targets had driven another stolen car around the area and parked at Shelley Road Park. As soon as they found their targets and moved their car into position, McIntosh and Durnin opened fire repeatedly towards them.










They missed those they were aiming at and shot and injured an 11-year-old and a 15-year-old who were in the park at the time. Both were hit by bullets and treated in hospital for gunshot wounds. Both have since recovered from their injuries.

The Focus sped away, chased by the stolen Mini Cooper.


One of the chasers fired a shot at the Focus, blowing out its rear windscreen, but the three men managed to escape.











A major investigation, focusing on forensic examination of bullets, CCTV, mobile phone and witness evidence, established that Kian Durnin, aged 22, had been driving the car, with Tireq McIntosh, 23, in the front passenger seat.

Both men had fired guns, while Martinho De Sousa, aged 24, was a back-seat passenger.

In interview, Durnin and McIntosh denied any involvement, while De Sousa made no comment.

Less than 15 minutes after the shooting, the defendants were seen on cameras entering McIntosh’s address with different sets of clothes on.

Expert analysis was also used to prove that the two victims were hit by ammunition fired by different handguns; one a 9mm round and the other a 7.65mm round.









Both fired and unfired cartridges were recovered from the stolen vehicle and the scene of the shooting. A projectile was later found lodged in the head rest of the Ford Focus, which showed that this was hit as it sought to escape the scene.

Last week (14 Dec) after a trial at Birmingham Crown Court all three were found guilty of attempted murder and aggravated vehicle taking

McIntosh, of Valley Road, De Sousa, of Deansfield Road, and Durnin, of Milton Road, will each jailed for 23 years at the same court today.

Giovanni D’Alessandro, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS West Midlands, said: “It was ultimately a matter of luck, luck measured in fractions of time and angle, that no one died as a result of these defendants’ incredibly dangerous actions.

“Although they were not the intended targets, the reality is that both young victims, one aged just 11 at the time of the attack, are lucky to be alive today. Durnin and McIntosh armed themselves with the means to enact their deadly plan, while De-Sousa proved to be a willing participant who assisted and encouraged the others every step of the way.

“It’s clear that extensive planning went into the shooting on May 1. Through the use of a stolen car, their changes of clothes and by covering their faces, the three defendants took every opportunity to avoid detection.

“Their pleas are just a further demonstration that they have repeatedly failed to recognise the severity of their actions and the danger they placed innocent parties in that day.”

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