35 kilos of MDMA and 4 firearms found in Spanish raids

Agents of the National Police have dismantled a clandestine synthetic drug laboratory in the province of Valencia with more than 35 kilograms of MDMA, arresting six people, four men and two women, as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of belonging to a criminal group. , drug trafficking and money laundering. In addition, three kilograms of glass, almost two kilograms of cocaine, more than ten kilograms of ketamine, 328 units of LSD, nearly 18 kilograms of marijuana, four firearms, more than 7,000 euros in cash, two high-end vehicles have been seized. as well as money counting machines and transmission equipment.

The investigation began in June when the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade of Valencia learned that an individual was dedicating himself to the production of large quantities of synthetic drugs for later distribution, as well as the cultivation of marijuana, locating its operations center in a municipality of Valencia. During the intense police work, it was found that the main investigator led a high lifestyle in addition to constantly meeting with people linked, for the most part, to the world of drug trafficking.

They acquired the precursors from abroad to “cook” the drug

After various investigative efforts, the agents found out that this person owned a clandestine laboratory intended for the large-scale production of synthetic drugs. They acquired the precursors and substances necessary for the production of these drugs in different countries, mainly in the Netherlands.

They distributed drugs throughout Spain, mainly to Ibiza.

The members of the organization had the necessary knowledge to mix these substances with which they obtained different types of synthetic drugs, for subsequent distribution to different parts of Spain, mainly to the island of Ibiza. Furthermore, the members of the criminal group had a clear differentiation of functions, while some acted as “guardians” and “custodians” of the drugs, others were in charge of helping the main person investigated in the preparation of the substances, with the third acting as front men for the drug. the goods, and in this way launder the money obtained from the sale of the drug.

In the month of November, a police operation was carried out that culminated in the location of the main investigator who was intercepted in the city of Valencia while driving his high-end vehicle. A search was carried out inside, where a significant quantity of ecstasy pills and a bottle of shower gel containing ketamine was found, which is why he was arrested.


Buried drugs and an underground structure to hide have been located

As a result of the house searches carried out later, the clandestine laboratory was located, located in a closed and hidden room near a horse stable on the plot where the main suspect resided. Likewise, 35 kilograms of MDMA were found, which would have resulted in some 150,000 ecstasy pills, in addition to three kilograms of crystal, almost two kilograms of cocaine, more than ten kilograms of ketamine, 328 units of LSD and nearly 18 kilograms of dope. In addition, four firearms, more than 7,000 euros in cash, two high-end vehicles as well as money counting machines and transmission equipment were seized.

Likewise, thanks to the collaboration of the Canine Guide Unit, two boxes were located buried underground with a significant amount of synthetic drugs such as crystal, ketamine and ecstasy. On the other hand, a structure divided into four underground rooms, a “zulo” type, was located, which was accessed through the bed trundle in one of the bedrooms by means of a hydraulic device. This room was intended to be hidden in case of “overturn” by other organizations that intended to raid the laboratory.

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