Man attacked in front of a child in London street

A teenage girl, a small child and a man were innocently walking along Halfway Street in Sidcup, south-east London just after 5pm yesterday when they were set upon by three suspects.

Footage shows two of the men sitting on a park bench waiting for the group of three to get closer.

When the teenage girl, the small child and the man get closer the thugs suddenly stand up and approach them.

One of the hooded goons walks over to the man and appears to punch him in the face as the teenager and the child walk over to their car.

Then, the other thug joins in and the attacked man is pushed against a shop window.

A  third attacker then joins in and all three thugs rain down punches on the victim as he falls to the floor.

The teenager girl runs over and tries and fails to pull the attackers off the man as a bag is pulled off the victim’s back.


Meanwhile, the child stands alone crying as the street descends into chaos.

The man manages to get back up on his feet as the thugs continue to punch and kick him as he moves down the street away from the camera.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: ‘Police were called at about 17:05hrs on Wednesday, 10 January to reports of a fight on Halfway Street in Sidcup.

‘Officers attended and were informed that a teenage girl had been punched in the face.

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