Halloween murder of Giovani Espuet in Sudbury results in 5 being jailed

At the Old Bailey on Thursday, 22 February, five men were found guilty for their role in the fatal stabbing of 21-year-old Givani Espuet at a Halloween party.

Detective Inspector Jim Barry, of the Met’s Specialist Crime Command, said: “This was a senseless killing that has left a family, partner and community grieving. Givani was pursued for no reason and was repeatedly stabbed because the defendants didn’t want to lose face.

“If none of these men had taken a knife to that party, then Givani would probably still be alive and these men would not be facing years in prison. Givani had his whole life ahead of him.”

The court heard how on Sunday, 30 October 2022, Givani had gone with two friends to a Halloween party at a bar on Harrow Road in Sudbury.














In the early hours of that same day, a dispute broke out that spilled out onto the streets and punches were thrown. This event then became deadly, when at least two of the defendants produced a knife.

When Hibbert lunged towards Givani with a weapon, he ran, but was pursued by the group and was then repeatedly stabbed.

An ambulance crew happened to be waiting in traffic when Givani was stabbed repeatedly next to them. They went to his immediate aid, but could not save him.

A subsequent post-mortem examination found Givani had been stabbed 11 times, with one of the wounds being a non-survivable stab-wound to his heart.

Givani was not in possession of any weapon and had not struck anyone.









The stab wounds were predominantly to his back and appear to have been inflicted while he was on the floor.

The killers fled the scene leaving behind a hat, discarded nearby that was linked to Courtney Forrester.

Specialist Crime (Homicide) began an investigation and all the defendants were arrested in the following weeks.

All of them either refused to answer questions or produced prepared statements denying their involvement. However all were charged with the murder.

DCI Barry added: “If you suspect someone of carrying a knife, speak to them and point out the dreadful results of knife crime. If they will not listen to you call police. Even if they are arrested, those consequences are better than the alternatives.”

Those convicted are:

Kadeem Hibbert, 30 (29.10.93) of Gladstone Avenue, Wood Green, N22 was found guilty of murder and violent disorder.

Bruce Hutchinson, 30 (11.04.93) of Marlborough Road, Wood Green was found guilty of violent disorder. He was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter.

Andre Brown-Watson 37 (11.04.86) of Park Grove, N11, was found guilty of violent disorder. He was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter.

Sahid Kpaka, 29 (29.12.94) of Gladstone Avenue, N22 was found guilty of murder. He had previously pleaded guilty to violent disorder.

Courtney Forrester, 26 (03.05.97) of Old Bedford Road, Luton was found guilty of manslaughter. He had previously pleaded guilty to violent disorder.

A date for sentencing will be set in due course.

Further charges of violent disorder were brought against four other men, who will be tried for this offence at a later date.

+ Theo Simon, 24, was found not guilty of murder, manslaughter and violent disorder.

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