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Teens were assaulted by police for riding bikes on pavement #exclusive

This is a Exclusive story obtained by Scarcity.

The footage shows the moment a teenager is dragged off his bike and thrown to the floor by two officers for what seems like no reason.

This happened in the Rock ferry area of Birkenhead and the teenager was with his younger brother who as 12 and video shows the officer hit the kid.

The situation is meant to have started when police had reports of a bottle being smashes in the street.

The two officers approach the 3 teens and the children are filming the incident.

The officer is heard telling the kid to stop and the kid refuses.

It is at this point the officer pulls him forward over his bike and crashing to the floor.

The other officer then assists in pinning down the teen who hadn’t been violent or aggressive.

The onlookers are shouting for them to get off him but the back up officers dismiss their claims of brutality and continue holding the boy down .

I have now obtained all the angles of the incident in which these kids were arrested for riding bicycles on the pavement.

This was removed from YouTube and can only be viewed here .

Police brutality is a subject that has had a lot of interest in recent months following several stories we broke on the channel.

These stories were never credited to the channel in msm.

I hope with this website to be able to keep control of the stories we have broken and covered and help document the facts.

The support across the platforms has been amazing and I hope it continues.

8 thoughts on “Teens were assaulted by police for riding bikes on pavement #exclusive

    1. Belfield is more interested in toilet humour, genital humour and dressing up in synthetic breasts and wigs.

  1. Excellent work Scarcity Studios. The standard of policing in Britain is at an all-time low. This video is yet another clear example that we can no longer trust & rely on British police to do their job professionally & ethically. If they feel the need to physically assault these young lads then what hope is there for the rest of us? The police are our public servants, the British people pay their wage & there needs to be be urgent changes in police recruitment & training, to ensure unacceptable police conduct doesn’t worsen further & become institutionalised & covered up by the police, just because it becomes normalised. Full justice must be served in this case & news like this needs to be kept in the public eye. With enough donations of video to Scarcity Studios from up & down the country showing police abuse of powers in tandem with police incompetence & I’m sure it wouldn’t take long to have enough footage to make a decent 20-30 documentary perhaps with analysis of the video footage by a legal expert to frame the unacceptable police conduct in the context of British law. It’s only through independent news outlets like Scarcity City that we can truly hold to account those in positions of power & authority.

  2. Its ilegal to ride bikes on the pavement. The officer asked the kid of to get off his bike, kid refused. Only thing left is the question of reasonable force being used. I think the knee on the neck is excessive force.

  3. That’s where your wrong I’m afraid they serve the crown hence allegiance to queen. So it’s always going to be inbreds and their minions against ‘We the ppl’
    Corporate and elitist interests will always be 1st unfortunately, not us.

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