1.5 tonnes of cocaine seized in Port of Barcelona

The National Police and the Tax Agency, in a joint operation that has had the collaboration of the United States DEA and the Panamanian National Police, have intervened about 1,500 kilos of cocaine hidden in a container in the port of Barcelona.

Perfect international cooperation has allowed drugs not to reach the market.

The investigation began when the operational units detected a criminal organization that, based in Panama and Colombia, was trying to get four containers to the port of Barcelona, although only one would be destined for the transport of the drug. The efforts made by the US anti-drug agency (DEA) in Panama made it possible to identify the container that transported the narcotic and that, as legal merchandise, declared to have pressed cardboard.

The control device established last Tuesday in the Port of Barcelona allowed us to verify that, behind the front rows of the legal merchandise declared by the container, about 50 bags that housed the drug were hidden. After the mandatory count and the “narcotest” tests it turned out to be about a ton and a half of cocaine.

Blind hook

The researchers highlight that the consignment of cocaine is one of the largest intervened in a Spanish port through the “blind hook”; a system used by the criminal organizations involved. In this method, exporting and importing companies are unaware, in principle, that their containers are used by mafias that operate inside ports for the import and recovery of cocaine in Europe.

A thorough analysis of the system of transport and concealment of this large batch of cocaine allows researchers to affirm that, supposedly, it is an organization with the capacity not only to extract the illicit cargo from the container in an area under great surveillance and control, but also for its subsequent distribution on the European black market.


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